This concludes our live coverage of the World Grand Prix Final We hope you enjoyed it. Stay safe and sound out there, night night

Judd wins World Grand Prix trophy for third time in career when confetti falls again in Marshall Arena. Snooker will now leave Milton Keynes and move to Alexandra Palace for The Masters in January

What a steel performance from the number one in the world and what a high quality finale; those 17 frames shot past Judd Trump won his third title of the season and 20th of his growing career won The man is just a relentless winner; That’s 13 ranked event titles and the Masters in the last 25 months, which is just amazing.It’s a tough question for Jack Lisowski who has now lost all four finals he’s played in, but he has the argument today Evening largely taken over in the evening event with a brilliant comeback In his post-game interview, Trump compares this series of Lisowski to the best that Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins have thrown at him.Unluckily for Lisowski, he encountered a player who looks as if he was going to become one of the greatest this game has ever seen There are still Triple Crowns up for grabs to clear this case up, but right here and now he’s just an excellent match player and hands down the best player in the game

It’s a tense safety game on the last red until Lisowski catches an overly thick safety and leaves it in the center right It’s a chance for Trump! The green is the only ball in its place, but Trump plays perfectly from the yellow on it. He has to clear the table for the match and he made it!

Trump cannot push the last red out near the left rail after potting the blue thin into the left center that leaves him a difficult long red in the yellow pocket and he missed it! The red is safe, but Lisowski is still there

This guy is different; He’s developing a cluster of reds between pink and black blotch as soon as possible, as well as a red hanging on the right rail and this is a big chance now Trump wants this to be done here and now and he will try. ‘ / p>

Lisowski goes into the black backpack and distributes it nicely, but doesn’t end up on a red one.That’s unfortunate, but he’s back at the table soon after painting another long red after a security from Trump didn’t go far enough in Kneeling Down After adding 22, he makes one of his only mistakes of the night as he misses a long red in the lower right corner and watches it sit over the green bag There’s still 83 here, can Trump taste the title?

What a shot of Lisowski as he drew another nice long red into the lower left heart on the right. He was fearless tonight. Four shades of red, three shades of black and one pink went so far; Can he possibly make us decide?

It’s a break from 78 for Trump as he pulls back from Lisowski just as he was threatening to pull the level. What a ruthless match player he has become

Trump sails past the winner’s post in this frame and needs another one for the title

It’s a shabby frame, but Trump is responsible for it.He pockets the next red and tucks Jack behind the brown.Lisowski can’t combine with a red on the lower pillow and give away four, and he has Trump on one below too left to the right This is dangerous for Lisowski and even more so when Trump brings Black into play

Frame 16 is the game’s first cage, and after an exchange of safety shots, Trump gets in with a close-up, thin cut on a red in the center left with the rest that sends the white in the pack and he’s perfect for pink in the center right, however, he can only make 21 before losing his position and playing against Baulk

Lisowksi roars another red before knocking on the brown safe, then picks one red down in the middle area after his security pulls a mistake from Trump. A quick 16 makes Trump need snooker; The difference is again reduced to just one frame

It’s 53 for Lisowksi – that’s more than six breaks in a row tonight – but he can’t force the position on his next red and has to play it safe

is he leaving? Is he the hell Lisowski drills a long, straight red to the bottom left in order to land perfectly on the black at the beginning of picture 15? He will soon shoot again quickly and it is a sign of his confidence that he is potty a red right-handed man on the route / p>

That’s why he’s number one in the world! Pink in the middle right secures the frame for Trump.He was completely played out tonight, but still managed to cut up two frames and steal them to keep Lisowski off his tail

A possible momentum swing here; Lisowski gets back in with a thin cut on a red at the bottom right, but then rattles his next red in the pines at the bottom left and it stays outside Can Trump step in and steal that? There are five red wines left and he sends the lot; The last two are brilliant, with a long red in the green pocket, followed by the final red across the center left of the black. It’s on the colors, and it’s on and including the pink for the frame

It’s still half a century for Lisowski, but he lost his position trying to get into the pack and has to play it safe out of the blue Trump then pulls four of Lisowski out of a snooker and then one Chance near the bottom rail after Lisowski escapes but can’t land on the black after potting the red and has to play it safe

He’s back! Trump misses a long red in the lower left and Lisowski misses a medium red in the lower right Lisowski splits the pack up early and then finds a nice recreational pot on black with the white near the side rail to keep his break up he is absolutely flying here and Trump can’t do anything about it

Do you think Trump is the only one who can do naughty snookern? Two stunners from Lisowski, on 14 Red and then on blue, take him to the edge of a barrel until he misses a double on the last red. It’s a break from 95 and he’s only following one frame now! In the last four frames, Trump recorded only nine points

Frame Ball goes and brings Lisowski to 67. What a comeback – he will be just one frame behind shortly after falling 7-2!

The break goes to 46 with a pink bottom left, and several aggressive shots into the pack have weighed him down here. Another frame-grabbing dish now feels inevitable

We’re back and Lisowski rattles red for a long time after Trump in the 13th Frame is aborted He is gone again; He looks right in the zone here, with his focus on full and yet with a nice, relaxed boast around the table. What a wonderful elixir swing is

The twelfth is in his pocket for Jack with a break of 86. What might have been a procession tonight has now become a living one; Trump’s lead is reduced to 7-5, and if we return 15 minutes after the break, we will have a real game

It’s another half-ton for Lisowski, his fourth break of 50 plus in four frames. What an effort it is on him, and it could have been 6-6 so easily if Trump hadn’t made the first frame of the evening from would have wiped him away

Well then! Trump has missed a long red on the right side of the table, coughing the ball and sharing other reds invitingly, and Lisowski can fill his boots here.The black is tied up but he’s making a good fist to play the pink off so far; a little serenity here and we look at 7-5

This is great from Lisowski emptying the table for a 112. These are back-to-back frames for Lisowski, and if he wins this mini-session we will have a real competition

It’s been another half century for Lisowski when he adjusts to a different frame The pink, a nice long red in the green bag, the yellow and another red in the yellow bag follow, and it’s snooker that needed for Trump

Trump makes 8 before he has to be on the safe side, and then goes off-screen after Lisowski’s bad security. Lisowski comes next and rolls a red carry-on weight into the green bag He’s ready for it because he left the framework for Trump there if he missed it He’s taking this well and settled in very quickly tonight

This is an excellent break from Lisowski, who started off well tonight and has recovered admirably from the disappointment of losing the last frame, making 99 before missing the pink for the century, but he has one here Frame withdrawn

Lisowski’s break turns red to 50 and only 59 on the table. He is about to hold back a frame here

Both players play in a long red to start the tenth without completing Lisowski then fouls Trump after putting him behind the brown, and then gets plum position if Trump escapes but a red in the right center leaves

That’ll be wise; A 66 from Trump pushes Lisowski the frame out of the handle

Trump is picking a speculative plant to hit his first point of the night, but nothing more although he is back now, as Lisowski missed a long red in the lower right and left Trump in here Very quickly, the number one in the world is back in the picture; He wiped the remaining red tones with paint and he can steal them if he can eat up to and including pink

Lisowski manages half a century on his hiatus, but a loose position shot means he’ll have to trust the luck of unscrewing the backpack while potting a red, and it’s his turn now. It’s a decent lead, but him will be frustrated that he didn’t sort this out in one fell swoop

Lisowski, as he absolutely has to, is the first to escape tonight and splashes a glorious long red in the lower left corner.He is absent, and a visit here that wins the frame will bring the power of good to his cause

Where Lisowski is looking for his first event win, Trump is chasing 20th his career 12 of them have been sucked up in the last 25 months. Our MC Phil Seymour has now cheered the boys on, first up to ten, then for the World Grand Prix title

The most incredibly gifted sports icon Britain has ever produced (oh yeah, I brought her there) has finally been honored tonight for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award Do the Necessary

Welcome back to the live coverage of the evening event of the World Grand Prix Final Judd Trump has a 6-2 lead after the afternoon and needs four more frames to secure his third title of the season, A Mountain The Jack Lisowski has to climb to win the first title of his career

That green ball was huge in the context of that final and Trump used it to give himself a comfortable advantage in the evening event, we’ll be back by 6:45 p.m. for the resolution of the World Grand Prix Final, see you later

A nightmare for Lisowski when he gets a double kiss on his safety on the green and leaves it for Trump as a thin cut in the lower left.It works, and when Lisowski later leaves the brown over the yellow bag, he clears the frame a

Lisowski erases the reds and then the yellows and tries to shift the greens instead of falling behind them, but he doesn’t get more than a fleeting connection and has to play it safe, we’ve hit the last five balls and it’s a big one Moment in this finale

Very well! After having to call in the Thunderbirds in multiple places to keep his break up, Trump misses a simple frame ball in the center right! That’s so sloppy and there’s still 67 for Lisowski to pinch the frame there’s an uncomfortable red near the bottom cushion and the green near the rail, but everything else is set fair What do you have, jack

This is a tough slog for Trump early on as pink and black are tied and the white has to travel a ton of miles through Baulk, however, he has now freed the black, and a decent contact on a group of four shades of red nearby the pink spot will pave the way to a 6-2 lead

This is a huge frame for Lisowski that will determine if he’s two or four frames behind if we carry on tonight He tosses the cue on a red in the lower right that is far from missing and kisses two reds to order Landing in the middle of the table It’s just Trump a thin cut on a red in the lower right, but Trump snaps it and lands on the green

It’s 77 for Lisowski, his best visit of the day, and he’s cutting Trump’s lead by three frames

It’s a badly needed half century for Lisowski as he is in the black and opens a small cluster of reds under the pink blotch.He should sort the frame from here

Lisowski bets everything on a red to the bottom right, has to dig right into the white near the top pillow and misses it by a long way that leaves Trump an uncomfortable cut on a red in the center left; he manages, but can only add one green before running out of position Lisowski gets in next and drives a red down to the left to land on the blue, and he’s in

A black after the 11th Rot makes Lisowski need a snooker in this context. Impressive stuff from number one in the world and not a little scary for the rest of the tour that he has other gears if necessary

This one could also get bruises. Lisowski gets in with a lazy red at the bottom right, but then misses a routine yellow to get back from the table, and he leaves Trump in here.It looks threatening to Lisowski, both in this one Frame as well as in the finals in general

Oof, that’s a tough question for Lisowski at the start of the sixth Trump has a Yahoo in a long red lower right that misses by a wide margin but shoots up the table, cutting off the green and gently falling into the center right that is an outrageous coincidence, but Trump only makes it 18 before crossing a position shot and Lisowski has to stick behind the pink in Baulk

Trump marks the final red to settle the argument, followed by a bit of naughty snooker, and he extends his lead to three frames

Only 11 for Trump as he missed a simple pink from his position, but Lisowski now needs two snookers

A chance for Lisowski when Trump is forced to make a thin cut on Red to the bottom right to re-establish position and he misses it Lisowski turns 19 on an awkward table but misses the last open red in the right Middle Trump then pulls a wafer-thin cut on this red into the same pocket; This is the setting of the previous game

It’s only 41 for Trump when his attempt to separate the pack by two pillows out of the blue goes wrong and he ends up on nothing inviting.However, he is quickly back at the table when Lisowski leaves him a plant in the lower left, and now this is a great chance to set another framework

We’re back and it’s an instant problem for Lisowski when his security catches a red on the side rail, leaving Trump in the middle of the table picking the reds here is a lot going on, and Lisowski can get it off can’t afford to give up too many opportunities like this

The first black of the frame goes in after the last red, which is part of an excellent overall clearance of 122. This is the lead during the break, see you again in 15 minutes

Trump clips in frame ball red lower left, a harder shot than necessary after the position was slightly removed from the pink. It doesn’t matter now, since he has a lead of two frames during the break

It’s been a quick half century for Trump to take this up well with blues and pinks while the black is tied in here, there’s enough outdoors here to sort that frame on one visit

Trump is the first in picture four and strokes a red at the bottom right to get the yellow again.He will soon be out of the blue in the pack, shades of red can be seen everywhere, and he is at the bottom right on a

Lisowski finally puts the last red over the middle right and Trump collects a few more points to get the third frame

A quick reminder for everyone here: Snookers Mozart is tonight for the sports personality of the year

Another respite for Lisowski as Trump misses a cut on a red border in the lower left and the extended hiatus draws nearer and the payline approaches, given the position of the last three Reds, it’s a big question and he can only score eight points lose before missing a double on a red in the center right the red then settles over the green pocket and Trump marks it, followed by the black Lisowski now needs a snooker and more on top while cutting off the pink on his next safety shot

Lisowski has lost the white again and thus misses a difficult red in the lower left.This opened the red tones all the way up, but Trump only has a difficult cut to the lower right.He cannot convert it, and that leaves Lisowski red in the right Middle It should be some breathing space for Jack, but he just adds red and blue before missing a red on the lower right and now leaving Trump in

Trump’s break ends at 15 as he can’t make a position on the black.A few shots later, he makes an absolute hash from a safety shot, catches a red that is far too thick and leaves Lisowski a light red in the lower right. but there is much for Jack to do here

A great hiatus from Trump, with white close behind yellow, scores a whopping 31 points in fouls as Lisowski tries to find the angle to fall on a red near the bottom pillow, or a red to see for two Escaping pillow After it is finally reached, Trump slides red in the lower left and he’s gone in picture three

He took it! Lisowski cleans up the last two reds and the colors down to pink, and we’re all square

Trump adds 22 but cuts off a red if he tries to fall behind it and leaves a nasty cut on the lower left rail with the rest of it.It goes close but it rattles and stays in the jaw.What a chance for Lisowski!

Well interesting! Just when he was ready to wipe what was left, Trump misses a black from his place, however, leaving nothing light, so Lisowski plays a speculative plant that misses but sends the white back on his next visit However, frame Trump’s grace, wildly misses a red in the lower right and leaves Trump a simple starter in the center left

Lisowski loses the white when he sheds a red at the bottom left, and lets it weld to the side cushion. He accepts the black, but rattles it out at the bottom right; That leaves Trump in and with a great chance to counter

It’s more like Lisowski, when he goes into the yellow pocket with a long red in the second frame to land on the brown. He’s soon at the end of the business and takes it in well. We’re just a small frame , but this seems like an important visit in the overall context of the finale

It’s a 75 for Trump as he misses a red in the center left and the frame has long been secured. Lisowski comes to the table to throw a few balls and get his cue arm swinging

The ninth red brings Trump into his half century.He is on good terms here and looks nailed to take this frame and land maybe a century straight away

Lisowski misses his first three long shades of red he leaves nothing on the first two, but the third sits near the green bag so Trump can devour the world’s number one first chance to score, and he’s up to 20 and already counts

Our MC Phil Seymour brings out the players Best of 19 then for the World Grand Prix title, let’s go!

It’s been a great week for young Jack, who has reached a ranking event final for the first time since the Scottish Open a year ago. The words “Ranking Event Finale” might surprise him a little He has been in three years so far in his career and has yet to come to the winning side in one. He defeated Mark Selby in the semifinals yesterday; Can he cause another surprise here today?

What a leg lock Judd has the game under control right now His start to the 2020-21 season in that little bubble in Milton Keynes has been absolutely fantastic This is his fifth final in eight tournaments, and from all of that he’s got two leaderboards- Event Gongs It’s a recording that should grab attention “If it were someone else,” Trump said this week, “it would be much better known”” If he continues to set these ranking events, people will be forced to sit up and pay attention”

Welcome to the live coverage of the World Grand Prix Final at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. It’s a cold, harsh world out there right now So make yourself comfortable and warm your soul with the final event finale of 2020.We are about to have a match when Judd Trump, number one in the world, wins his good buddy Jack Lisowski for the title

Ronnie O’Sullivan is in the running for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award for the first time – the UK public will vote for the winner on Sunday

It comes to a beautiful 2020 in which the rocket won the world championship and also reached the final of the Northern Ireland Open

His world title – he reached his 28th Crucible Record in a row – was his sixth, taking him to 37 ranked titles and 20 in the Triple Crown series over the course of his career

O’Sullivan was 44 years and 254 days old when he defeated Kyren Wilson 18-8 in that final This made him the oldest player to win the tournament since his former mentor Ray Reardon 42 years ago

Cricketer Stuart Broad, jockey Hollie Doyle, boxer Tyson Fury, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and footballer Jordan Henderson are the other stars in the race Prices start at 8 p.m. and the result is expected around 10 p.m.

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