So you thought your Spotify Wrapped was bad? Try this: “How bad is your Spotify?” KI “

Some say hard love is the best kind of love, and this Spotify AI is evidence of that Kind of Love The AI ​​was developed by the digital publication The Pudding and trained in the art of roasting by Mike Lacher and Mat Daniels

The bot does a wild analysis of your Spotify playlist, after you’ve given it permission of course, Warning: none of your favorite artists is safe

The bot can be used here via this link.First, you will be asked to log into your Spotify account before going through your entire listening history

There may be some wait, however, as Spotify only allows so many account accesses at a time, but just stays there when you try a phone on, it may be faster to load it onto a computer or laptop

Next comes the bot’s question: “Have you really heard Be Happy from Dixie D’Amelio? How ironic? “We’re just going to say yes (it definitely wasn’t)

Then comes a game of F ***, Marry, Kill with some of your favorite artists. The grand prize, however, is the hyphenated insult they throw at you, and they don’t hold back

How bad your Spotify AI is ultimately gives you a percentage of basicity based on your music

I mean, you signed up for this so you can’t complain, but some of the roasts are really wild fans have taken to Twitter to share their results

I did the bot thing that tells you how bad your taste in music is for my Spotify and – picTwittercom / BS0YutSS4i

Even those with a low raw material content aren’t sure when it comes to how bad your Spotify is AI:

This “How bad is your Spotify?” thing is so specific and inconsiderate and should definitely replace the picture wrapped in SpotifyTwittercom / TtHv2BKBRW

So I tried “How bad is your Spotify” and it asked me that question “The thing is, BTS makes me happy, but they also make me cry #BTS BildTwittercom / irZADsDzyF

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How bad is your Spotify?

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