One killer secret revealed, two big puzzles solved, two big returns, a baseball bat collapse (spoiler: it wasn’t Phil this time) and a questionable Christmas pudding – EastEnders’ annual festive special came and delivered and made us like always leave more questions than answers

Ian’s attacker may have finally been exposed, but there is so much more to uncover. It will all soon become clear, but now we have to ask ourselves

Come on, there are no prices to guess this one as it has been so obvious since launch. But yes, Sharon was indeed the mysterious culprit behind Ian’s attack, as we had predicted she got a little help from her ex-husband Phil Boom

As many fans have speculated, Sharon and Phil know about the incriminating voicemail that has been revealing Ian’s role in Denny’s tragic death for months – and waited their time before demanding their revenge Sharon was the brains behind the bashing, and Phil was the muscle, but couldn’t finish the job after being disturbed by Peter’s spray painting (more on that in a moment)

Tired of posing as a woman in love, Sharon met Phil at Denny’s grave tonight and insisted that she wanted Ian dead today Phil was ready to do as he was told but had after talking to his son Ben a delayed conscience about their deadly plan

When Phil realized killing Ian wasn’t the answer here (bingo), he told an angry Sharon that he wasn’t there – and let her fly alone with a Christmas pudding

During the final moments of the episode, Sharon secretly drugged Ian’s festive dessert afterward before sitting back and watching the fallout. But the big question is, did Sharon really kill her oldest friend, or will he stay another day?

EastEnders might have exposed Sharon as Ian’s attacker, but behind his troubling torment lately there was actually another culprit – Peter

Peter’s involvement in Ian’s ordeal was only revealed a few minutes after the episode began when he was taken away by police for sending the death threat on Christmas Eve

As a result, Peter had to admit that he sent the threats to measure himself against Ian’s head, but wasn’t the person responsible for the attack. He was telling the truth – he wasn’t – but Peter unwittingly played one crucial role in Ian’s fate that night because he was the reason Phil couldn’t do the job

Looking back later, Peter was spraying the hateful message on The Vic, which ultimately disrupted Phil’s beating and allowed Ian to survive. But is Peter charged with the threats he sent his father?

We knew it was coming, but the festive return of Chelsea and Lucas is still a mystery Denise was appalled to face her serial killer ex at the Christmas service she attended with Raymond, and her ordeal was still to grow worse when she realized Chelsea was in tow

When a horrified Denise read the riot to her daughter, Chelsea was determined to rebuild a relationship with her father – but there was still a question mark over what was really going on

Nobody is stupid, Denise was suspicious and was correlatively afraid of what Lucas did in return.Unfortunately, she seems to have good reason when his too familiar inner anger threatened to raise his ugly head when Patrick later threatened him

Realizing that they would never be welcomed as a package again, Chelsea eventually told their father that they were “wasting their time” in Walford – but what is really going on here?

Large gaping cracks surfaced in Rubin’s and Martin’s marriage tonight as they spent the big day apart

Martin felt withdrawn from his ex-wife, Stacey, and the vibrancy of their chaotic family, which infuriated his new wife, Ruby,

An additional complication also resulted in Martin making a mistake with his Christmas presents – which gave Stacey renewed hope that their relationship could be revived, whereas Ruby was hurt that their marriage didn’t mean much to him at all

The biggest tell-tale sign, however, came when Stacey took a chance at love and kissed Martin – believing that his previous gift was an indicator of his true feelings, Martin was forced to gently abandon Stacey before he admitted Ruby returned, but is she who he really wants?

Hands up, who discovered this creepy blink-and-you-miss-it scene? Ruby and Lucas crossed paths when their disastrous days collided, leaving them alone in the square

The fleeting moment made us wonder if this was just a trivial coincidence or a bit of a festive premonition. Could she be in danger of becoming his next victim?

Tina continued to make herself extremely unpopular with the evil Gray tonight when she again refused to march to his ever-controlling beat

Tina is becoming increasingly aware of Gray’s real face but took the ill-advised step of confronting him at the dinner table about his marriage to Chantelle, perhaps spurred on by the festive drops, Tina told Gray that she knew Chantelle was up to to leave him in their final days, but their outburst was overheard by his young son Mack

Although Gray managed to hide his anger, a sinister scene later suggested that history might repeat itself. When Tina loaded the dishwasher, Gray ordered the knives to be oriented upwards – exactly the same demand he made on Chantelle in the months before her gruesome death

Could history repeat itself in the Atkins household and who could be the unfortunate victim this time?

Jean was paralyzed with fear when she found a lump in her chest tonight, almost a year after the doctors gave her the all-clear

Viewers know that Jean was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2019 and was treated the following year

Jean chose not to confide in Stacey or anyone else about her worrying diagnosis – instead urging her daughter to keep as lucky as possible. Has Jean’s cancer returned?

It was a lonely Christmas for Linda and Mick tonight as their marriage apparently reached the point of no return

Linda was devastated in last night’s episode when Mick confirmed that he knew about her affair with Max but inexplicably didn’t seem to care

The Carter couple spent Christmas Day apart as a result, but another heartbreak awaited Linda when Mick Shirley said that his wife meant nothing to him, which left a distraught Linda to agree to Max’s offer to go to New Zealand with him – but is this really the end for her and Mick?

As the dust settles in Albert Square, Boxing Day is just as dramatic

The official synopsis says, “With so many questions left to answer, Walford residents are sure to look forward to seeing you in 2021″But if these new spoilers have anything to offer, we’re not sure if it should be everyone

Looking ahead, the focus will shift to Mick’s harrowing story as the New Year approaches, as Ruby handles the Martin and Stacey fiasco, Kush goes missing, and Patrick hits a shocking deal with Phil / p>

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