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When it comes to showing numbers for the original content, Netflix is ​​still playing its cards pretty close to the chest
Although the streaming giant has introduced a “Top Ten” feature in the UK and many other areas, it only publishes reviews for individual shows sporadically
As you’d expect, this is usually when a particular original series has proven particularly popular, but using these numbers it is possible to put together a list of the most-watched Netflix shows of the year that feels pretty accurate
They may not necessarily be the most watched Netflix shows of the year, but they are likely 10 of the most watched Netflix shows of the year
It’s worth noting that these numbers only take into account the first 28 days after a show premiere on Netflix
It’s also worth noting that Netflix counts a household as if it “saw” a show just two minutes after the first episode, the streaming giant says this is “long enough to indicate the election was intentional”
The Spanish crime drama Money Heist is the most watched show, followed by contemporary documentaries Tiger King and the classic chess drama The Queen’s Gambit
Netflix’s Love Island-style reality series Too Hot to Handle and Mindy Kaling’s coming-of-age drama Never Have I Ever also make the top ten
Some of the shows that stand out for their absence include the final season of The Crown and Emily in Paris, Ultimate Guilt This Year Netflix didn’t release viewership for these shows so we have no way of knowing how popular they were
Check out the top 10 below
1 Money Heist Season 4 (65m) 2 Tiger King (64 m) 3 The Queen’s Gambit (62 m) 4 Too hot to handle (51 m) 5 Ratchet (48 m) 6 The Umbrella Academy Season 2 (43 m) 7 Never have I ever (40m) 8 Space Forces (40m) 9 Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 (38m) 10 Soil is Lava (37m)

Do you like what you see? How about a little more R29 grade, right here? You have 6 new Christmas Netflix goodies to give to all of the characters in Bridgerton What to see after “The Queen’s Gambit”

Warning: Spoilers are imminent as Netflix’s first Bridgerton season ends
Unless you’re so secretly obsessed with Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) after watching the first season finale of Netflix’s Bridgerton, you’re not alone.She is funny, curious, and sees through the shallowness of her society even though she doesn’t always understand What the Adults Are Talking About But just because her story in Bridgerton’s season one was overshadowed in the typical middle-child manner of her older siblings’ broken hearts and major life events, doesn’t mean we should ignore what happens to her in the finale Of the many characters in Bridgerton, Eloise’s plot has the greatest potential and could go really anywhere.While we were all embroiled in a marriage and pregnancy drama, we missed the best coming-of-age story that simmers underneath
The finale may be a happy ending for Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and bittersweet for Marina (Ruby Barker), but it’s especially disappointing for Eloise: she failed to expose Lady Whistledown, or she didn’t fulfill her seasonal mission with freedom or the sense of achievement that awaited her After all of this, she will debut like any other young lady in society, even if she prefers to be in college or hang out with her less burdened brothers
“I watch Daphne prepare for these balls,” Eloise says to her brother, smoking buddy, and comrade-in-arms Benedict (Luke Thompson), “and I’m exhausted.” It’s pretty reliable for anyone feeling different or socially fearful , and a point of view that belongs to dozens of other beloved characters.We are prepared to love characters like Eloise, the feminist sister in otherwise patriarchal societies set in fantasy worlds centuries ago or centuries ago for being the Jo March, the Belle, which is the Elizabeth Bennett and Arya Stark of this story and is therefore easy to find when Bridgerton begins
One thing that sets her apart from these women is her friendship with Penelope (Nicola Coughlan). Closest maybe Lizzie Bennet’s friend Charlotte in Pride and Prejudice, only Lizzie is more than happy to see her friend in this 19th century story There’s no real conflict between Lizzie and Charlotte, there’s a lot of conflict between Penelope and Eloise, and when Bridgerton inevitably returns for a second season, their friendship will be put even more to the test, making sure it’s exciting for us as an audience, too discover that Penelope Featherington is Lady Whistledown, but it will be devastating for Eloise when she discovers that her best friend lied to her.They already had a big fight.If you recall, at the beginning of Eloise’s investigation, her family’s housekeeper snaps after her family you guys and basically call her silly and stupid It’s an early, hurtful hint that she’s not as smart as she thinks so Eloise goes to Pen to encourage herself – but the Featherington girl is too broken about Colin (Luke Newton) and Marina’s upcoming engagement to take care of it, and offended by Eloise’s insistence f that Lady Whistledown has to be invisible to society, so she snaps too
“People have real problems,” says Penelope, “mature problems, problems that have nothing to do with the secret identity of a silly writer”I’m of age I’m out in society So I have more important, more mature things to worry about. She kicked Eloise when she was down. It hurts when childhood friends turn to such adult interests and leave you behind. It’ll get a lot worse, when Eloise learns that Penelope has been taking her as Lady Whistledown basically all season
All season long, Eloises immaturity is the focus of the insults and she just rolls in with her brothers making fun of her when she wants to know “how a woman gets together with a child” when she tries to convince Daphne about her fear of giving birth Daphne says, “I find kids adorable, even though they’re not proving my point right now,” They’ll fix things by the end of the season but that line still sticks. Little comments like this add up even the Queen is against during her investigation Lady Whistledown, frustrated with Eloise, pushes her aside and instead hires men to do the job.The only thing Eloise had to hold on to was knowing that she could uncover the identity of her mysterious gossip, and she fails because she must be an adult but that doesn’t make up the way everyone treats them fairly, and that certainly doesn’t mean they’ll be in a Z ought to be overthrown in the future that makes you uncomfortable
Still, this series is based on a series of steamy romance novels. Whenever the time comes, Eloise shouldn’t expect an “I choose myself” moment. We didn’t come here for that. She’ll end up being her version of Mr. Darcy or the Beast or whatever the Bridgerton equivalent is as fans who have read Julia Quinn’s books know The clues are already all over Bridgerton Avid romance readers may notice that in Season 1 the events of the second book, in that Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) is about to find a wife are blatantly outlined because Anthony declares his intention to find a wife in the finale.The fans also know that Colin’s (Luke Newton) ex-fiancé Marina and the man Who she wanted to marry, Phillip Crane (Chris Fulton), to play a role in the fifth book that happens to be Eloise’s love story in Quinn’s series Bridgerton is already planting seeds for Eloise’s future romantic adventures Even if the straight-lined pony makes Eloise look like a young teenager, the actress is in her thirties so Bridgerton is free to watch her character grow without making it uncomfortable
There’s also massive evidence that Bridgerton Season 2 is about both Eloise and Anthony Bridgerton has a lot of fun making naughty meta jokes and comparing the social season in London to a television season, for example, Penelope says in the Finale that with “Lady Whistledown still at large” the “next season” will be even more interesting. And in episode 4, when Daphne leaves for her honeymoon, Daphne tells Eloise that she believes that her sister “will know soon enough how love feels “- which basically promises a much earlier start in Eloise’s bigger arc
But if you’re worried that Eloise’s upcoming romance could interfere with her desire to do something bigger with her life than just follow her heart, don’t Rhimes and her team know how to romance a character like Eloise passionately gives without betraying their humor and agency or preventing them from making their own way in the world She stands on the shoulders of giants from the Shondaland series Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, and while her story may have been buried under the birth of Daphne and the great Whistledown reveal in the Bridgerton finale, the kind makes and does Way the writers carefully laid the foundations for their story in Season 1, without giving us too much, making it clear that Eloise is destined for something much bigger
Do you like what you see? How about a little more R29 grade, right here? “The Wilds” dropped a big twist in the finale Has “Black Narcissus” reached the end of the book?

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