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Bruno Fernandes says he and his Manchester United teammates need to focus on rediscovering the form that put us at the top of the table earlier this season as the Reds try to put pressure on leaders Manchester City in today’s big derby match / p>

The Reds have been frustrated with more draws than league wins lately, while the Blues have extended their winning run at the top of the Premier League

The two teams meet at Etihad this afternoon, and before the game, Bruno spoke to us in a typically engaging interview on a number of different topics, including United’s approach today

First, Bruno, how is everyone feeling ahead of today’s game? Derby games are always games to look forward to, aren’t they? “Everyone’s looking forward to it after a draw where we should have won this game [against Crystal Palace] and should have done a lot better and done a lot more. We don’t create enough chances, but at the same time we can do a lot better and there is no better game than this to show that we are a better team ”

The manager talked about the importance of keeping the pressure at the top of the table and maintaining the strong position we have, so maybe that’s the focus of the players too? “I think it’s important everyone has to understand between us that the chances are there. We know they will be reduced now because we drew twice [last week] and City isn’t dropping points. The only option for them at the moment Losing points is against us in the next game and we have to keep that in mind and understand that we have a chance to fill the gap, at the same time we have to think that we have to do better and much better than before and also improve and have to restart to play the way we played a few months ago We have to take some pressure off – the pressure comes from the team we play for and it’s not about the pressure from the media or anyone else outside the club We have to put pressure on ourselves and understand that we are playing for a big club, and at the same time we have to understand that this is a privilege for us, for such a big team aft to play, and the chance that we have right now ”

How do you go about converting those ties into wins and how important is it to block everything that is said outside the club? “Between us we have to listen to what we are all saying within the group and within the club. Everyone outside the club has a different opinion of what they think, but honestly we have to remember that when the season started, nobody was on Manchester United has set to finish second at that moment.We have to think about what we said between us at the beginning of the season and not what other people were saying then and what they are saying now. We just have to understand the goals we want to achieve we as a team know what we said at the beginning of the season and we know between us what we want to do at the end of the season. So the voices we have to listen to have to be the voices within the group ”

This is your first Etihad derby. You have seen a couple of Manchester derbies so far – have you felt any other kind of advantage over these games? “I think everyone knows we always enjoy playing in games like this, but honestly we enjoy them more when the fans are here because the atmosphere is so much better. Of course you know these types of games are difficult is to play but fun at the same time so you have to enjoy them and be yourself and do your best to help the team and hopefully win the game this is the most important thing for us to win the game we have to try ours Rebuilding the future like we did a few months ago because we know we’ve had some ups and downs in the past two months, but at the same time two games ago everyone was talking about Man United doing some good stuff If we win against City, everyone will forget the past against Chelsea and Crystal Palace because that’s what football is like. The only thing we need to know is between us, like I said, and we can’t forget n what we want and what mistakes we made, and we can’t forget the good things we did, we just need to improve the things we don’t really do well and try to make things better that Enjoy the game and be ourselves ”

What will be the key to beating City, considering how they love to play? “We know City is always difficult to play We have to do everything well, almost perfection, I think the idea of ​​the football they play is easy to understand but difficult to play against everyone understands how they play, they want the ball, they want pressure exercise and when he loses it he tries to win it right away Everyone knows this but it’s difficult to play against him and win the ball and have some possession against him for a long time but I think we need to understand what we can do against this type of game and what better we can do to win the game. We all know that it is difficult for us, but it will be just as difficult for them ”

You will meet some familiar faces in Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo and Bernardo Silva, your Portuguese teammates, Will there be an extra determination of you to get one about them and have you spoken to them? “I speak to you regularly, we have a good relationship. But relationships are out of the game. You know me and you know that we are no longer friends on the pitch! [Smiles] At the same time, I enjoy watching them play and each of them is doing well individually and I’m happy for them. As a team, I was hoping they would do a little worse than them, but I’m happy for them individually because they are good people and deserve to be in the positions they are and play the way they play ”

How do we overcome fatigue during this phase of the season and keep ourselves fresh? In addition to concentrating on the work that you have to do on the training field, how important is rest and relaxation and mental switching off between games? “I think the most important thing for us right now is to clear our heads. We know the pressure we have outside of the club because it’s the biggest club in England. It’s also the most popular club in England and the most hated club in England You know what I’m talking about. We have a lot of fans, but just as other fans may not like United because we have done something in the past and the history of the club is normal. However, it is time for us to clear our heads get and understand what we can achieve and what we want to achieve We know that starts with this game simply because it’s the next ”

Luke Shaw was named Player of the Month for February – what would you say of the form he’s been in this season? “I think Luke deserved it. He’s been playing really, really well the last few months I think he started off a bit slow like everyone else because we didn’t start well at the beginning of the season I think the competition between Alex [Telles] and Luke gave both of them a chance to get better and better. This is very important as you know that if you don’t do well, you are not on the team. I think Luke was starting to perform well When he had this pressure from Alex at the same time, Alex played very well while playing because he knows Luke is on the bench so the pressure between them is good but the relationship between them is better, I saw that in the stands Alex always tries to help everyone and I remember when I went up against [Real] Sociedad it was Luke in the stands and I have often seen Luke try to help Alex “This is what we are about For the same Or t fight but you fight for the same achievements, you know this has to be like this in every position on the team, we have to understand that everyone who plays it because the manager believes that in that moment he is better for the team and that Most important to the team is I think everyone is happy that Luke won this Player of the Month award and I’m also happy because he deserves it and I hope he can continue that form until the end of the season, because he knows Alex is there to take his position for me it’s the same, when I’m not playing I know there are some players who take my position and this is important for everyone to understand, everyone has one Chance earned and when you play you have to perform well and do your best because someone is on the bench because of you ”

As you mentioned, the fans can’t be at the stadium today, unfortunately, but did you feel their support on social media ahead of this game and will it come to mind when you get out there today? “I. I think everyone knows that derbies are much better with the fans because the atmosphere would be better. Usually at derbies there is also a little pressure between the fans sometimes because they know that one of them could lose and they worry about it what could happen at the end of the game and we all know the jokes they make among each other as much as we do! [Smiles] I hope we can win the game for our fans because they deserve it and give us great support. I want to thank them, but at the same time tell them to keep pushing to help the team and to keep pushing the team I think at the beginning of the season it might have been difficult for them to believe that we could be in this position at this time of the season. Everyone wants to win – we want to win the league, we want to win the Europa League, we want the FA Cup and I want to say to the fans that they keep this trust in us and continue to push to help everyone on the team, not just A, B, C, but to push every player and give everyone the same support because everyone has this support needs ”

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