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Prensa Libre, Guatevisión and the British Embassy invite Guatemalans to send in their innovative ideas for protecting the environment

Using the hashtag #CambioXelClima, Guatemalans are invited to share their ideas about the little things that they do that help stop the deterioration of the environment

Proposals go from 22 until 28 February, a jury selects the best five and the winners will be announced from 15 until 19 Announced March through reports

Initiatives should be sent to embajadabritanicagt @ gmailcom, where they should explain with text, photos or videos the ideas they are putting into practice

I am very happy to participate in this project, on the one hand because there are no limits to the creativity of the Guatemalans. An idea can be very simple and functional if we can apply this to combat climate change and share it with the population to share, we will also make a big difference. And also because the new generations are aware of the need to avoid climate change

This year in November, the UK will host the Global Summit on Climate Change (COP26), where nations, including Guatemala, meet to agree emission reduction commitments, implement national preventive measures and evaluate long-term projects to help the planet

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