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Vatican officials reportedly launched an investigation after Pope Francis’ Instagram account apparently liked the lusty swag photo of the model

Natalia Gaributo, who uses the username nataagataa, shared the photo on her account on October 5.

Natalia is a Brazilian model who has over 2 million followers and her own website, where she states that her fans can find “unreleased content, access BTS clips, twerk videos and more!”

She frequently shares videos and photos on her Instagram page in revealing outfits and is a partner at Twitch, Amazon’s live video streaming service

A follower of Natalia Gaributo with the eyes of an eagle claims to have obtained a screenshot showing the Pope’s social media account after the lewd shot

Shared online and commented on by the model, but the official @franciscus account no longer liked the image

The photo shows the 27-year-old Brazilian model wearing bras and a skirt that barely exceeds her waist

It is not clear if the post quickly disliked the official account of the Pope due to the bug or whether what was allegedly hacked was real

Reports announced that the Vatican has opened an investigation into the account that liked the booty formula.

Officials are alleged to be investigating how the endorsement of a schoolgirl-inspired erotic image happened, according to the Catholic News Agency

Sources told the Catholic News Agency that an internal investigation is underway into this law after removing the “liked” on November 14 – after the Central News Agency requested the Vatican press office to comment

The 27-year-old admitted to Barstool Sports that she was flattered that the Pope’s Instagram account said, “My mom might hate my ** my photos but the pope clicks twice”

“Brb on my way to the Vatican at least I’m going to heaven. If Pope Francis wants the site, should you?

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Natalia Gaributo

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