They say the Scots are tough and Kieran Tierney is sure to show that again at Arsenal

While many high profile footballers are covered in hoods, scarves, hats and gloves during practice, Tierney showed off the skills he learned from his Celtic days at Scott Brown

As is known, the Hoops-Skipper ran through St Petersburg, and Tierney followed suit when he didn’t feel the cold

Arsenal is currently in Norway to face Molde in the Europa League group stage and was training at Aker Stadium ahead of the game when Tierney was spotted in training in a t-shirt and shorts

Some of his teammates were wearing tight leggings, large jackets, gloves, hats and sweaters, but Tierney was stuck and must have been freezing

The temperature in Norway at the time was -5 degrees, but you would not have known about it if you had looked at the former Celtic left-back

Talking about wearing short sleeves and shorts, Tierney said, “The rest of them are all laced up, wearing hats and the rest of them

“But winter down here is nothing compared to winter in Scotland. It’s not even cold down here. You should see the weather in Scotland, then we’ll talk

“People always say, ‘Why don’t you train in a sweater?’ But I never play in a sweater on a Saturday, so it makes sense to wear the same clothes during training. I don’t mean anything, it’s exactly what I feel comfortable in ”

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