Brighton defender Lewis Dunk described Lee Mason’s decision to shut out his goal at West Brom as “embarrassing and awful” Mason refused to allow it, then allowed a dunk free kick before VAR finalized the goal Hawthorns

referee injured towards the end of the game

Referee Lee Mason has been replaced as fourth official for Sunday’s game between Sheffield United and Liverpool due to injury

Mason is replaced by John Brooks on Bramall Lane Jonathan Moss directs the game on Sunday evening live on Sky Sports

Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) has confirmed to Sky Sports News that Mason sustained an injury while directing the game between West Brom and Brighton on Saturday in which Mason was involved in the controversial rejection of a Brighton- Tores was involved

In the incident, Brighton’s defender Lewis Dunk curled up with a quick free kick from the edge of the box, referee Mason whistled – before he quickly blew again – but in between, Dunk had taken a quick free kick and scored while Sam Johnstone was still on his wall stood

Mason seemed to be ruling out the goal immediately, but after Brighton’s players surrounded him to complain, the referee eventually gave the goal – only to finally undo his decision after a few chaotic minutes and withdraw the game for the Visitors were able to recapture their goal first free kick

After the game, Dunk described Mason’s decision as “embarrassing and awful”, claiming the referee had lost control of the game

“I’ve been in games where I’ve lost focus for a while I think that’s key: Lee lost focus here

“He’s been trying to regain it, he realized, but he’s lost a bit of focus and he’s not quite in that zone to make precise decisions

“He should never have got the free kick, but after doing that he has to go through the process. He realized it quickly and rightly blew a second time to stop that to control it, but the ball has come into the network

“At this point, the VAR informed him that the ball had not come into the net before the whistle, so the goal was not

“The fact that he went on the bank gave him this time to reflect and gave him the time to bring his thoughts and himself together so that when he goes back he will be better able to do this Restart situation “

“This is a mess Lee Mason, what did you do?” asked Stelling as the Saturday soccer team watched,

“VAR did not set a target and now he will look at the screen. This is total, utter, shameful, shameful nonsense!

“This is the dream team of Lee Mason and Simon Hooper who is currently the VAR That couldn’t be made up”

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Sheffield United v Liverpool

World News – GB – Lee Mason was replaced by an injury for Sheffield United v Liverpool the day after the Brighton controversy