Paris Fury, wife of boxer Tyson, swore within seconds of posting her baby news on Loose Women on Wednesday

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Jane Moore, presenter of Loose Women, desperately apologized to viewers when Paris Fury swore within seconds of her appearance on the noon show

Paris, wife of two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is one of the newer panelists on the ITV program and joined Jane and co-stars Brenda Edwards and Janet Street-Porter from home on Wednesday

Loose Women’s anchor Jane went straight to Paris at the beginning of the episode after it was announced that there was some “loose news” to be revealed That news said that Paris and Tyson are expecting another child

After Jane Paris said it was a “nice tonic in these dark times,” she asked her how she felt and she replied, “I feel good now, I felt bad for the first few weeks, but well uh, it was great news

“We planned this one, it came at a great time and it was great news until we got home and everything was locked and there is no school and everything is up in the air again

“So yeah, it was a great idea until the fan got it and it didn’t go that well”

Jane replied, “I know” beforehand, after probably being asked to do so by producers in her ear, she said, “Oh, I’m sorry, a bit of language!” when Paris replied, “I’m sorry!”

As always with live television, viewers reacted quickly to the slip on social media and immediately tweeted: “Only the day I see #loosewomen and Paris Fury’s is it explained how the *** is doing Fan ‘and another reaction: “Paris Fury” didn’t hit the fan “says it like it’s girl #LooseWomen Congratulations on baby news # 6”

Paris Fury

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