The All About That Bass singer has greeted a young boy and announced his due date arrival – although he was actually born almost a week earlier

In a cute Instagram post, Trainor proudly showed off her little boy’s first public photo and shared his name with fans

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She wrote, “This cute boy’s due date today was Valentine’s Day. We have to see him Monday the 8th February meet!

“We’re so in love! Thank you @darylsabara for the best Valentine’s Day gift! Welcome to the world of Riley!”

Riley is Trainor and her husband, Spy Kids Star Daryl Sabara’s first child, and they announced their pregnancy in October

Among the celebrities who offered their congratulations was Stranger Things actor Millie Bobby Brown who wrote, “Oh my god Happy Valentine’s Day Riley I love you, Meghan and Daryl congratulations you will be great parents and baby Riley everything teach about spy kids and MUSIC !!! “

Trainor had said she found some aspects of a pregnancy a little easier in lockdown than in a normal year

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She appeared in a video interview with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in which she said, “It was great not traveling, and when I felt sick I said, ‘Well, at least I’m home doing Interviews like “I was so lucky for this”

The singer and former Voice UK mentor met husband Sabara at a party in 2014, started dating him in 2016, and the couple married on their 25th birthday Birthday – the 22nd December 2018

A one-time wealth tax could be a way for UK Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak to close the huge hole in the country’s public finances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, an influential lawmaker said on Monday, Mel Stride, chairman of the finance committee Parliament said other countries like France and Switzerland had introduced wealth taxes to come back to later “I think what could be more promising to effectively levy more taxes could be a one-off wealth tax,” Stride told Times Radio >

Nobody would argue that Westminster and Whitehall are models of efficiency, but the procedural dramas in Scotland show that things are bad at Holyrood

Of the 380 local governments across the UK, only 23 have seen case rates increase week-to-week, compared to 354 where rates have decreased

The National Guard was in Washington DC in response to the attack by Trump supporters on the US Capitol

They took Polaroids of me with my feet tied to the bed like it was a big joke I wanted to flee But I needed the paycheck I needed the Screen Actors’ Guild Healthcare

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Halle Berry has boosted the fans’ temperatures with a cheeky dance video for Valentine’s Day weekend

Travel Q&A: Your quarantined hotel and summer vacation questions answered Great British Getaways: Your Ultimate Vacation Planner Complete “red list” of countries from which UK arrivals are hotel quarantined Sign up for the Telegraph Travel newsletter An international law firm prepares to initiate a legal challenge to the government’s quarantine hotel policy, which came into force today. PGMBM believes that “the forced quarantine of people without knowing if they have Covid-19”, according to the European Convention on Human Rights ( ECHR) is unlawful and should therefore be subject to judicial review Tom Goodhead, lawyer and managing partner of PGMBM, criticized “guidelines that constitute extraordinary violations of traditional freedoms and human rights” He stated, “It is time for lawyers to take a stand and ensure that the government, which has neglected parliamentary scrutiny of the laws and regulations of Covid-19, is held accountable” Heathrow Airport today faced the mayhem at the Limit warned that due to the new controls could lead to up to 8000 passengers queuing for five hours Starting today, arrivals from red list countries to the UK will have 10 days in a quarantine hotel at a cost of £ 1Spend 750 per person All other passengers must self-isolate at home for 10 days Scroll down for the latest information

The Prime Minister will be addressing the nation from Downing Street amid speculation about the way out of the lockdown

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Nottinghamshire Police released dramatic footage of the rescue in Holgate, Nottinghamshire to warn people of the danger of walking on frozen rivers

Michael van der Veen accused the media of being “bloodthirsty” during the interview with CBS presenter Lana Zak

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