Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of what’s going on in This Is Us’ baby-centric Season 5, Episode 8, “In The Room”

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 5, Episode 8 of This Is Us, “In The Room,” which aired on NBC on Tuesday

After the Randall-centered episode “Birth Mother” and the Kevin-centered episode “There”, the entire Pearson family returns in the latest episode of This Is Us Season 5, Episode 8, “In The Room” The Episode doesn’t begin with the Pearsons, however.It begins in 1963 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a local dance that sees sparks fly when a computer-loving young man named Nasir Ahmed meets a talkative young woman named Esther

After that odd introduction, the episode catches up with the Pearsons when the Big Three were young teenagers. Jack and Rebecca planned a family trip to the cabin, but the kids don’t want to go. Instead, they arranged overnight stays with their friends and shocked their parents, So suggests Rebecca suggests she and Jack make it a romantic weekend away, and while he agrees, Jack seems hurt by his children’s new attitudes to family vacations they used to enjoy

The next episode is about today’s Rebecca, who is still in the dressing room with Miguel.She is stressed because she is so far away from the rest of her family.She has no idea if Kevin flew to Los Angeles, to give birth to his twins, but at least she knows that Randall is video-chatting with Madison, however, that fact barely relieves her guilt of missing the birth of Kate and Kevin’s babies

The episode continues with Randall and Beth in the car talking to Madison at the hospital. Randall comforts Madison and promises that, even if Kevin fails, he and Beth will stay with her for as long as it takes for her to is not alone

Meanwhile, due to COVID-19 logs, Toby is stuck in the parking lot in front of the hospital, making a list of potential middle names for his and Kate’s new baby.In the inside, Kate acts as the birth partner for Ellie, her birth mother and Toby’s Baby And when a nurse comes, Ellie makes it very clear that Kate is the baby’s mother, and immediately after the birth, the newborn should go straight to her

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The episode then remembers Rebecca and Jack arriving at the cabin for their weekend away from the kids Rebecca lists all the pesky teenage habits she won’t miss, frustrating Jack, but before Jack can articulate why he’s upset, Rebecca discovers a leak in the ceiling and they investigate the damage. Back in the present, Rebecca asks Miguel for a cocktail to calm her nerves while anxiously checking her phone and hoping for news

Randall tells Madison the life story of his birth mother when her contractions escalate while an old man drives to Toby in the hospital parking lot and claims he is in his place.While he appears to be belligerent, the man finally reveals that his stance is a result of the painful reality he is waiting to find out if his wife will live or die from COVID-19.She is on a ventilator and after 55 years together he has to wait in the parking lot thanks to the hospital’s protocols Instead of being by her side, he comes every evening to wait for news about her and parks in the spot marked with his wife’s favorite number for luck, Toby agrees to move his van

Back in the cabin, Miguel gives Rebecca a terrible cocktail that makes her remember her honeymoon in Puerto Rico Then she takes a look at a framed picture of kid art on the wall that she is in with Jack for the weekend The leak there destroyed a box of the children’s art, including the picture that is still hanging on the wall in the present.Rebecca doesn’t mind the damage because it’s just her children’s unsophisticated art, but Jack is upset about it, how she has been “kidding the kids” all day Jack makes his way to the hardware store and leaves Rebecca alone and confused

In the present, Toby is talking to the old man about the collector pigs that adorn the dashboard of his vehicle. The man explains that he and his wife Rose went to Austria for their honeymoon, where they learned that pigs bring good luck That’s why they bought a pig figurine there and have been collecting it ever since Toby tells the man that Kate let him choose her new baby’s middle name, but he hasn’t picked one yet to avoid jinxing things The old man luckily enters Toby ( disinfected) pig and says it’s one of Rose’s favorites

At the hospital, the nurses are preparing to give Madison an epidural, but she freaked out from the giant needle so Randall distracts her with a story he shares a memory from Junior Prom when Kevin came home drunk and Randall helped him into the house so he wouldn’t have trouble with her parents. But instead of going to sleep like Randall had hoped, an overworked Kevin stripped naked and danced while singing Hanson’s “MMMBop” wholeheartedly, then demanded that he and Randall should start a boy band

Randall starts singing “MMMBop” to Madison and Beth and then Madison sings along. Then Kevin walks through the door to Madison’s room and is surprised to hear Randall talking to her on the phone. When Randall realizes Kevin has arrived, he says that he will catch up with Kevin later and hang up Kevin then tells Madison that he has been thinking about where her family fits into his life, as she asked, and that he has come to the conclusion that her family is his life and she is are all what he needs

Then it’s time for all three babies to be born. When Madison gives birth to her and Kevin’s twins, Kate helps Ellie give birth to a daughter, however, when Kate’s baby is born, Ellie changes her mind and asks for some time to himself with the newborn, rattling Kate

Back in the cubicle, Miguel notices Rebecca staring at the framed children’s art on the wall and tells him the story of her weekend in the cubicle with Jack.In a flashback, Jack returns from the store to find Rebecca trying She observes that it is her business to make fun of the kids, so she doesn’t understand Jack’s demeanor. Jack admits that it bothers him that the kids don’t want to hang out with them anymore because she Growing up so quickly, he doesn’t want to miss any time with them Rebecca points out that they are teenagers, so it is perfectly normal for them to want to hang out with other teenagers. Then she uses the art with the colored blobs that turn out to be handprints highlighting each family member who walked in water after soaking to illustrate how the five are still connected to you promises they are the big thing e will never be missed in the lives of their children

They frame the blob handprints as a reminder, which is why Rebecca stared at them in the present. Rebecca feels like she’s letting Jack down because she’s not there for the big moments her kids are going through, Miguel tries to comfort her, but she says that he doesn’t have to do that because Miguel has to endure Jack’s death differently than the others Rebecca thanks him and acknowledges the weight of his situation as he calms her down

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Ellie tells the baby that the hardest thing ever is to give up on her, but it’s the right thing to do. She then gives her to a nurse who takes her to Kate when she’s keeping the newborn in a private room for the first time , introducing herself to Kate as the baby’s mother.She says she feels like she has waited all her life to meet her, and then Toby video calls to introduce her newest family member, Hailey, Toby announces that Hailey’s middle name, Rose, is

After the twins are born, Kevin Randall calls and tells his brother the names of the babies: Nicholas for his uncle Nicky and Frannie for Madison’s grandmother, Kevin admits he was afraid that Madison would be alone when he gave birth When he heard Randall’s voice on the phone, he was relieved and touched. Randall’s answer is simply, “You’re my brother.” Kevin and Randall continue to work to heal their relationship and while Kevin tries to discuss it, Randall tells him they are catching up after Kevin had time with his new family

The episode then returns to Nasir and Esther. To Esther’s dismay, Nasir arrives home late and asks him to explain the importance of the technology he is working on. He says his intention is to create an opportunity, photos and Communicate and Share Videos Online His explanation is tied to the Pearson Family video chat

The episode ends with a montage of video calls between the various Pearsons, as well as the day the family took the blob handprint image.The video calls include Rebecca meeting Kevin’s twins and Kate’s daughter, Beth and Randall, Hailey and Meet Kevin, who call Nicky and introduce him to his namesake. Kate calls the babies the “New Big Three” “Also included in the montage is a video of an old man talking to Rose, who is now off the ventilator

The episode ends with an explanation of who Nasir and Esther are in real life. Nasir Ahmed and his team invented the basis of modern video chat. He and his wife recently celebrated their 56th birthday Wedding anniversary and chatted with the This Is Us team on video so the show could share their story and celebrate how Ahmed’s contribution has allowed all of us to keep in touch during these unprecedented times

Created by Dan Fogelman, This Is Us stars like Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K Brown, Chris Sullivan, and Susan Kelechi Watson new episodes airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET / PT on NBC

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