Boris Johnson makes a televised announcement Monday night after he was pressured to fight the rising infection rate

The government is expected to announce new steps to combat the spread of coronavirus as senior doctors have recommended that the UK move to the highest coronavirus alert

Boris Johnson will give a televised address on Monday evening announcing mass school closings and strict lockdown restrictions. MPs will be called back to parliament from Wednesday

In a joint statement, the four UK chief medical officers said the alert should be raised to a maximum of five and warned that if there is no action there is a risk that the NHS will be overwhelmed “in several areas”

They said, “In much of the country, cases are increasing almost everywhere, fueled by the new, more transmissible variant, we are not confident that the NHS can handle another sustained increase in cases, and without further action there is a substantial one Risk of NHS being overwhelmed in several areas over the next 21 days ”

The news came amid rising numbers of infections and hospital admissions, many of which have been linked to a new, more easily transmitted variant of the virus

A Downing Street spokesman said: “The proliferation of the new variant of Covid-19 has led to a rapid escalation in the number of cases across the country. The Prime Minister understands that further steps must now be taken to halt this rise Protect NHS and save lives. He’s going to lay this out tonight ”

Johnson should keep the country informed of next steps Monday at 8 p.m. The Commons, which have been on an extended Christmas break until next week, will return on Wednesday

When speaking to reporters on Monday, the Prime Minister said there was “no question” that England needed strict rules but did not provide a timetable

It remains unclear what new measures could be introduced, but one option should be to move areas under Tier 3 rules to Tier 4

Labor leader Keir Starmer said a national lockdown “in the spirit of March” was needed as schools were closed. He said the government must also clearly articulate its plan to fight the virus through vaccination, with the aim of Get 4 million vaccines a week by February

“The virus is out of control, the tier system is clearly not working and we all know that stricter measures are needed,” he said

“If we ask the British people to be subject to strict national restrictions – and we are because it must be done immediately – the contract must be for the vaccination program to be launched as soon as possible, 2m a week in January and twice as much as in February That must be the deal

“It must be the spirit of March again. Now you see a lot of people on the move, trains half full We need very strong messages to stay home”

Jeremy Hunt, the former health secretary, chairman of the Commons Health Committee, called for immediate action, saying that steps to close schools and banning all household mixing must be taken “immediately”

“I know all of these things are taken into account in decisions that may be imminent,” Hunt tweeted. “My point is that with exponential growth, even waiting for an extra day causes many preventable deaths Therefore these plans now urgently need to be accelerated ”

The new measures would only have to be in place for about 12 weeks before enough people were vaccinated against coronavirus, Hunt said, adding, “So there’s light at the end of the tunnel”

He wrote, “For those who argue, winter at the NHS is always like this: You are wrong. I had four major winter crises as a sectarian and the situation is now worse than any other

“It’s true that we often had to cancel elective care in January to protect emergency care, but that too is under a lot of pressure as the record-breaking car is waiting for the sickest patients”Even more worrying is that fewer heart attack patients are present in intensive care units, possibly because they don’t dial 999 when they need to,”

A flooded NHS could also mean potentially more preventable cancer deaths as people are kept away from hospitals and general practitioners Hunt said, “The most important lesson is countries that act early, determined to save lives and get their economies back to normal faster

“We can therefore not afford to wait: All schools should be closed, international travel stopped, the household mix limited and the animal system checked so that the highest level really lowers the infection rate (as with the first block)”

Hunt added it was “our moral duty” to ensure that frontline NHS workers were the first to receive the Covid vaccines

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