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Tim Howar is a 50-year-old Canadian actor and musician, best known for starring in West End and Broadway productions

He was married twice, first to Ruthie Henshal and then Judy Oliver, who is a music director

Tim and Judy have been married since 2016 and have a two-year-old son named Hamish

In a fatal flaw on I’m A Celebrity, the show claimed that Ruthie and Tim were still married

Tim tweeted the show, saying, “Hey imacelebrity, I think you might want to re-check the facts here. #ruthiehenshall #imacelebrity #ImACeleb”

Ruthie spoke to Hello! Magazine in 2010 insisted the split was amicable, revealing that it moved down five doors only to stay close to their daughters Lily and Dolly

She said, “I can’t believe the fairy tale is over, but our relationship is over. I prefer to think of it as a fresh start for both of us.

“The whole thing is for our children to be happy and as long as we are happy in their company, as we always are, there is neither hostility nor ugliness.

“No third party involved – we just got to the end of the road we went to couple counseling because when you have two kids, you don’t just give up

“We both worked really hard at it but we were actually becoming better friends far away”

She dated Prince Edward for five years, although it was sporadic

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