The recommendation to fire an officer from Columbus, Ohio who fatally shot and killed 47-year-old black Andre Maurice Hill was confirmed by the city’s public safety officer

Adam Coy, a 19-year veteran of the Force, was charged Thursday by the Columbus Police Department with two critical misconducts These non-criminal charges apply only to Coy’s employment verification

Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan recommended Coy’s resignation because the officer failed to turn on his body camera before shooting Hill on December 22 and his failure to provide medical assistance

Quinlan’s recommendation was made by Columbus Public Safety Director Ned Pettus, Jr, confirmed after an administrative hearing on Monday morning Pettus remarked that Quinlan’s evidence was “indisputable” in a statement announcing the decision

“Adam Coy’s actions do not meet the oath of a Columbus police officer or the standards we and the community demand of our officers,” Pettus said. “The shooting of Andre Hill is a tragedy for anyone who has him alongside Have loved community and our police division ”

Brian Steel, vice president of the fraternal police force’s local lodge, confirmed to NBC subsidiary WCMH that Coy was fired on Monday.A Coy union official did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News

Coy May Still Face Prosecution in Shooting Franklin County Attorney Ron O’Brien appointed Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost as special attorney to conduct an investigation into Hill’s case

The fraternal police force previously issued a statement calling for calm until the investigation into the shootings is concluded. While the statement did not mention Coy by name, it said: “Every citizen, including officials, deserves a salary due process””

“This is what responsibility looks like,” said Quinlan on Monday after Pettus’ decision. “The evidence provided solid grounds for the termination. Mr. Coy is now answerable to state investigators for Andre Hill’s death”

Andre Maurice Hill was a guest of the homeowner and had committed no crime when two officers approached the garage he was standing in around 1:30 a.m. last week Both officers who interacted with Hill were able to see their body-worn cameras activate immediately after the shooting, which is a violation of the department protocol

A review function on the department’s camera was able to capture the 60 seconds before the camera was switched on, but not record any audio

The video shows Officer Adam Coy walking up the driveway with his flashlight. Hill then walks up to the officers while holding his cell phone when the officer fires his gun Hill’s other hand was not clearly visible

Body camera footage then showed officers who did not provide assistance or medical assistance to Hill as he lay on the ground for a few minutes after the shooting, another policy violation

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther last week called for Coy to resign, saying Hill’s death was an “inexplicable loss” ”

“None of the officers on the scene initially provided medical help, no compression of the wounds to stop the bleeding, no CPR attempts, not even a hand on shoulder or an encouraging word that medical professionals were on the way”Mayor said,” It is an officer’s duty to provide assistance “

Andre Hill

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