Michael Sheen is best known for his roles in Good Omens and Passengers as well as in the Twilight films Tonight he will speak to Graham Norton along with David Tennant about their lockdown series Staged But what’s the age difference between Michael and his partner Anna?

The 51 year old Michael and his partner Anna Lundberg have an age difference of 25 years

In an interview last year, Michael reflected on 50 years of existence and said, “When I get older and more behind you than before you, you start to think, ‘What are the things that matter to me about Value are?

“When I was younger I thought that things that I really liked to see or hear were essentially just a sidebar of the big things in life, the things with real meaning”

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“The work of certain people has had a massive impact on me: who I am, what interests me, what inspires and arouses me and gives me comfort when I’m down or whatever these things are to appreciate”

Michael and partner Anna, who is 26 years old, announced they were together for the premiere of Good Omens last May

The couple, who are not married, later announced that they are expecting their first child together two months later in July

He wrote on Twitter at the time: “Very happy to let everyone know that my partner Anna and I are expecting our own little angel

Anna greeted her daughter Lyra with the couple later in September, who were celebrating her first birthday this year

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Micahel also shares his eldest daughter Lilly Mo Sheen from his relationship with actress Kate Beckinsale

In 2010 Michael spoke openly about fatherhood, saying, “I think being a parent is the biggest challenge you do

“This is why we are here. It is at the heart of what it means to be human

“My job takes away a lot of my daughter Lily So when I’m with her, time really matters “

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