Newcastle United fans are rightly fed up with Steve Bruce’s tactics at their beloved club. His bunker down and counter approach is difficult to observe and a far cry from the Newcastle sides of the past who Played an attractive football brand aside from the cosmetic issues, Bruce’s negative style has a huge side effect that was shown yesterday at the Magpies vs Magpies draw in Fulham

During the first and second halves, Newcastle played their usual “Bruce Ball”, defending themselves deeply and trying to get out during the break. They were down on the scoreboard and were the second best team on the field. Then Joachim Andersen gave up a penalty and was sent off for a foul on Callum Wilson. With the converted penalty, Newcastle should step on the gas with the man advantage

But they struggled to do so. The Magpies played 10 men against a border regulation team and were able to get into St James’ Park It was a comeback tie, but the point wasn’t to celebrate

It’s hard for Newcastle to break these defensive habits if you’re used to being so defensive and not having a lot of possession, you can’t just flip a switch and play efficiently on the forefoot when the club is either falling behind or a man ascending, becoming an offensive unit is a big task

For the media pundits and Bruce defenders who claim the supporters’ criticism is unfair, this is just one more reason they don’t. His tactics make for a terrible look at a once exciting club, and it also handcuffs them when they have to step on the gas

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