A blizzard will cover large swaths of the UK tomorrow, with temperatures dropping to -8 ° C, the BBC’s latest weather forecast shows an icy storm bringing ice and snow to much of the UK throughout Monday This happened after Storm Bella unleashed heavy rain and winds in southern England and west Wales that weekend

BBC meteorologist Alina Jenkins said: “Storm Bella has struck large parts of the UK in the past 24 hours

“We have had gusts of over 80 mph in the south of England and west of Wales

“The maximum speed measured was 106 mph at the needles on the Isle of Wight This was accompanied by some pouring rain, thanks to this very active cold front

“That has now cleared to the east, and we are all in this area with much colder air, with lots of showers from the west, many of which are wintry”

She told BBC viewers: “The amber wind warning has now expired, but there are still many flood warnings that are still in place

“Tonight’s showers will continue to be wintry across Scotland but there could be sleet or snow almost everywhere

“If we go overnight and into Monday, parts of Scotland will have a more consistent area of ​​snow before it drops southwards

“We could see sleet and snow move to the north of England, the Midlands, maybe to the central and south of England, after moving through the wee hours of the morning

“Fog is likely to freeze in the southern half and many parts of the UK will wake to sub-freezing temperatures on Monday

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The Met Office also warned that “rain can turn into snow, which, together with widespread ice, can potentially disrupt travel and supplies”

They have posted a yellow snow and ice weather warning in most parts of Scotland and parts of northern England and North Wales

Scotland could see up to 10 cm of snow on higher ground and up to 3 cm at lower level by Monday morning, according to the forecast

There are still more than 300 flood warnings across England after Storm Bella More than a hundred of these warnings are an “immediate action” warning

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World News – GB – BBC Weather: Extreme snowstorm hit the UK in 24 hours as temperatures drop to -8 ° C

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1377231/BBC-weather-UK-snow-storm-temperature-forecast-Met-Office-warnings-latest-news-vn