Walsh, 60, rose to fame as a stand-up comedian before performing on Coronation Street for two years and starring on ITV game shows The star is now on The Chase, Blankety Blank and Bradley Watching Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad But during a reflection of his career, the TV huntsman admitted that he still had a long way to go to replicate Sir Bruce’s success

Both Walsh and Sir Bruce had a lot in common – both rose from stage performers to the popular faces that millions saw on television screens

The comedian once commented that the late Strictly star’s “looks, phrases, and even gestures” helped secure him as a popular icon on a game show

Sir Bruce, who died of bronchial pneumonia three years ago, was known for dragging himself into countless TV hits, but Walsh admitted he was a little more picky

He claimed “had a lot of rejections” for not being able to “make records” and thought it better to devote his time to one project at a time

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Walsh said, “When I do a job, I give it 100 percent and that job gets my absolute focus and everything else goes to the side

Compared to the legendary Sir Bruce, Walsh denied their comparison because he felt that he could never compete with the talent of the vaudeville actor

“He probably had about nine strings on his bow, he could do anything. He was the most amazing talent”

In 2017, Walsh told the Belfast Telegraph that its bucket list would be “headlining a show in the West End” or “running at the [London] Palladium”

He admitted that he was having trouble finding time to spend with his family because he was a “workaholic”

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However, he didn’t regret his choices and admitted that his 23-year-old wife, Donna Derby, encouraged him to take on some of his career-defining roles

Walsh was especially grateful to his wife for the sacrifices she made for his career

He was touched that she was encouraging him to take on the role, even though she knew she would be essentially a “single mother” to her son, who was nine at the time

In 2006, he told the Daily Mirror, “She’s the one who realized what it can do for me even though it would mean being apart

“I wouldn’t trade woman for the world Donna is not only beautiful, she is the most fantastic woman and mother”

He interviewed the late star for the 2014 documentary series Come On Down! The Game Show Story

When asked about his time as a host, Sir Bruce said the veteran entertainer “loved” it and didn’t regret it for a moment

He continued, “Huddling people around and having fun with them I love when something goes wrong – it gives me the opportunity to fix it”

Last weekend, Walsh Blankety presented Blank and came under fire from guest Jimmy Carr when he himself suffered a mistake

At some point during the show, Walsh told him to shut up after Carr taunted him for misunderstanding a joke on Autocue

Walsh said, “I ate so much turkey last Christmas that it started to have a funny side effect

When the candidate looked confused by Walsh’s attempt at a joke, the host said, “Oh no, wait a minute, I got that wrong!”

Carr quickly quipped, “Every time you start walking? What was in that turkey? It went right through you, Bradley ”

He continued, “I don’t mind that you got it wrong It’s just nice to see someone your age on TV at this time of year

Walsh was obviously frustrated by the ridicule and interjected, “Jimmy, don’t! I got it wrong, Jimmy, don’t shut up!”

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