British prisoners at HMP Liverpool and HMP Berwyn in Wrexham, Wales enjoy delicious festive food of roast turkey and potatoes offered in both prisons today

British prisoners will eat roast turkey, mince pies and other goodies for Christmas dinner

A Freedom of Information request to HMP Liverpool, HMP Altcourse and HMP Berwyn found that each establishment has a festive menu for delays

Inmates can enjoy vegetarian, vegan and halal options over Christmas and experience a buffet at HMP Berwyn, reports the Liverpool Echo

In addition to the traditional roast turkey, the prison offers special extras such as meat and potato pâté, chicken pakora and cheese and tomato pizzas

HMP Liverpool is a category B / C prison in Walton that served coca noodles, a sweet chilli kebab meat wrapper and Quorn burger over Christmas

The Justice Department responded to ECHO’s freedom of information request by providing the menu and stated in its response: “Meals in prisons over Christmas and New Years will be paid from the existing budget and at no additional cost to the taxpayer

“Given the increased responsibility to the governors since April 2017 and the division of budgets between the prisons, it is ultimately a decision for each governor and his catering team what actually is spent on food per prisoner per day and the division per meal becomes

The daily food allowance has risen from £ 215 a day to £ 235 this year

Served with fried potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts and Christmas pudding with vanilla sauce and minced meat pie

Served with fried potatoes, carrots, green beans, rolls and margarine as well as Christmas fruit muffin custard (vegan: fruit cocktail)

HMP Berwyn is a Category C prison in Wrexham, North Wales, with a number of Merseyside offenders sent to this “super prison” to serve their sentences

The Justice Department informed ECHO that HMP Berwyn will be using a different menu than last year to reflect the results of a survey conducted in prison

Meals paid under the existing prison meal budget for the fiscal year and costing £ 203 per day

At the top of the menu, which is decorated with pictures of Santa Claus, the employees wish the prisoners a Merry Christmas and thank them for their patience during the “difficult time” caused by the coronavirus pandemic

The message is: “It has been a difficult year for everyone and we want you to know that we appreciate your patience during this difficult time

“Thank you for your patience with the reduced preselection at the beginning of the blocking This was difficult for anyone with a reduced workforce due to COVID “

The menu says: “On Christmas Day, Boxing Day & on New Year’s Day, dinner is offered in the form of a buffet with cuts of meat, sausage rolls, pork pie and vegetarian / vegan / halal alternatives

“Every effort is made to ensure that the food delivered to the wings during the festive season is of the highest standard and of the highest quality”

Prisoners choose any of the above products to serve with french fries, baked beans, ginger cookies, and Christmas muffins

Served with a can of Coke, Mars Bar, Christmas cake, Satsuma, a pack of chips and minced meat pie

Served with fried potatoes, carrots, rolls and apple and Christmas fruit muffins with pudding or vegan fruit cocktail

The Justice Department was unable to comply with ECHO’s request for freedom of information about the Christmas menu at HMP Altcourse because it does not have the information

“To see if the information was stored in the MoJ, I did a thorough search and checked with the HMPPS (HM Prison and Probation Service) controller at HMP Altcourse

“The controller is employed by HMPPS and acts as the liaison between HMPPS and the prison. You have confirmed that the information you requested is not in your office and therefore not in the possession of the MoJ”

Roast Turkey

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