Despite answering most of the questions correctly, Carol Vorderman of The Wheel wasn’t even selected to build the cash prize as a result, the cash prize was dropped to just £ 19000 cut if The Wheel nominee Jodie selected her for the finals

Although the jackpot was 78Was £ 000 when playing with Cherish Find, Jodie stated that £ 19.00 was life changing money and that she wanted to choose the safest option

But when Candidate Jodie revealed that she would vote for Carol, the former countdown star was spotted head in hands

Jodie stated, “Carol, being an all-rounder, has quite a bit of knowledge in my opinion. It can be useful depending on the question I get

“I’m so nervous, I want to marry as beautifully as she would like to get married,” Carol explained when asked how she was feeling

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The options were Stoat, Wildcats, Badger, and Polecat and had 30 seconds to discuss the answer

Carol suggested Badger as an answer, and Jodie agreed, hoping to turn 19000 pounds to win

Luckily for Carol, the answer was correct and Jodie would get away with an incredible jackpot

Jodie said to her, “Thank you very much, thank you all for helping me. This will literally change my children’s lives

While Jodie was thrilled with her win, the audience pointed out a mistake on the final question Many of the known badger species are omnivores and not carnivores

“Badgers are omnivores # thewheel,” one viewer wrote on Twitter while another added, “I mean, badgers are carnivores in order, but they are definitely omnivores # the wheel”

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However, someone else pointed out, “Although the European badger is classified as a carnivore, it feeds on a wide variety of plant and animal foods and on earthworms, large insects, small mammals, carrion, grain and tubers #The wheel ”

The proposal didn’t go down well when Carol hit back: “He’s too old for me”

Viewers commented on the moment with a note: “Carol Voderman just said Paul Hollywood was too old for her. She is five years older than him #The Wheel”

“Um, @carolvorders @PaulHollywood is 5 years younger than you are reconsidering match made in TV heaven # TheWheel,” said another

A third shared: “@McInTweet #TheWheel Not @carolvorders says @PaulHollywood is” way too old “for her, even though she is actually 5 years older than him Ridiculous”

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