Dartmoor National Park Ambulance says the fire is effectively extinguished, but firefighters continue to check large areas to make sure

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The investigation into the cause of the huge fire that broke out in Darmoor last night should begin

While park rangers believe the fire on Dartmoor is practically “out”, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Services have advised DevonLive that the incident has not yet “stopped”

Rob Steemson, Dartmoor National Park Emergency Officer, said the cause of the fire has now “been investigated and is currently unknown”

He added, “The fire hasn’t gone out, but firefighters and rangers are still checking the size of the damage area and seeing where the boundaries are – which stream, which river”

Mr Steemson said the fire was “on hills northeast of Peter Tavy that included Standon Hill, Lynch Tor, Walkham Spur, Walkham Head and towards the River Tavy Cleave”

He said, “We’re not sure where it started. We currently have a mix of walking rangers and citizens on quad bikes trying to get around and investigate the area”

Mr. Steemson has already noted observations of the unusual nature of such bog fires in mid-winter and how three areas in the southwest were exposed to such fires within 24 hours

He said: “Normally we would get such fires in March and April, when it dries up and the wind is moving east and south-east. The tops of vegetation above the peat are particularly vulnerable and dry up

“The fires will literally flit across the peaks of Molinia – the purple bog grass when it dies – and burn out the dead vegetation of its last growth

“The fire and police are out there to see if there is a reason or where it started. They will go to the southeast point of the fire and work along the edge to find the source

“We can’t say what it could be at this point – arson or camping stoves fall over, we just don’t know at this point”

A spokesman for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Services said the DevonLive crews are still in the area working with rangers from Dartmoor

They added, “Officially the stop is not in yet and we have two 4x4s and a fire engine in the area We can tell the fire is under control but we are investigating the area to make sure everyone Areas actually outside are “

Police in Tavistock also confirmed that they had been called to the scene last night to deal with “rubberneckers”

Response Sergeant Sam Hughes told DevonLive, “We were called by the fire department to help with rubberneckers. Firefighters alerted us when vehicles blocked parking spaces and firefighters had trouble moving their equipment”

Dartmoor Fire, Dartmoor

World News – UK – Cause of Dartmoor Fire investigated as damage being investigated

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