Education Secretary and Midland MP are condemned “worst ever” as second year of drama looms with schools in lockdown

Education Secretary and Midland MP Gavin Williamson faced renewed calls to quit today after the GCSE and A-level exams were canceled

Parents and students sought answers after schools and colleges closed after the third lockdown No plans for grades have been announced this summer

The new closure came less than a month after Education Secretary Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, threatened legal action to force some London councils to keep their schools open amid increasing cases of openness

And it was announced on the day schools across the country reopened after the Christmas break for students to entertain

The BBC reported that Mr Williamson will be in Parliament on Wednesday June 6th January, I’ll keep up to date with his exam schedules

But school workers and parents reacted angrily, saying emergency arrangements should be made before the Prime Minister announces the lockdown on Monday evening

Deputy Headmaster Daniel Stucke said, “If Gavin Williamson were a Headmaster, he would have a plan A, B, C and D ready for the exams

“With a million young lives and futures at stake, he would have them in detail. He would tell us today, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll do C with a bit of D’ and give us all by the end of the week Details “

Good Morning UK host Piers Morgan said Tuesday, “My thoughts are with Gavin Williamson This guy is the most clueless Education Secretary we have ever seen”

He continued, “Why are you doing this, why are you disturbing everyone’s life, teachers, parents, children? And then pull the plug, it’s so crazy”

On Sunday, Labour’s Shadow School Secretary Wes Streeting told Times Radio: “I don’t think Gavin Williamson’s position is particularly tenable

“I doubt it makes any difference if I ask him to resign now Any teacher will tell you that he is the worst education secretary in living memory “

The Prime Minister announced the lockdown, saying it was not “possible or fair” for all summer exams to go ahead as usual He added, “The Minister of Education will work with Ofqual to make alternative arrangements”

However, according to government guidelines, exams submitted for January are continuing as planned, which the Association of Colleges says has seen more than 135000 students are involved

Calling for a rethink, CEO David Hughes said, “I think they should be canceled – it’s not safe for them to move on, and it’s not fair for either students or staff

“The Prime Minister has said that everyone should stay home as much as possible So how can he expect college staff to come over for surveillance, or for students to feel safe enough to take exams? “


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