Parents and executives have grown outraged at the confusion after Redbridge was mistakenly removed from the government’s list of closed schools when it was first published
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Leaders in Redbridge called the government’s announcement yesterday to open the list of late school openings a “mess” after the district was first accidentally excluded from it and then added back

A list of the 50 areas where elementary schools will not open to all students as planned next week was released yesterday by the Department of Education (DfE), and initially Redbridge was struck off the list despite the seventh highest Covid-19 case rate in England

Council Chairman Jas Athwal wrote a letter to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson asking why he was removed from the list and wondering if it was “a gross oversight”

One parent said school groups are “on fire” on social media and the decision to close secondary schools and keep elementary schools open is the definition of an oxymoron

The DfE later sent out a revised list in which Redbridge was on the list of closed schools

Ilford North MP and Labour’s Shadow Secretary for Schools Wes Streeting tweeted, “We have a situation where lists are updated just minutes after posting This is a complete mess. I am so sorry for parents and staff who are affected by incompetence Government are concerned “

The infection rate in Redbridge is currently more than 1100 per 100000 people – a number that has tripled since early December, and hospitals in the region have been under “significant pressure” “”

Cllr Athwal said the government news had been “grim,” and he tweeted a guide with the latest start dates for schools across the district

The government news of schools reopening has been grim, we’ve put together a simple guide for Redbridge schools, all of the following changes can be made from @educationgovuk For specific start dates, please contact your child’s school directly BildTwittercom / XVf6eepbhF

From Monday the 4th January, only early children and children of key workers are expected to go to school

Exam year secondary students in years 11 and 13 return the following week from 11th January back

All other primary and secondary school students are expected to be born on Jan. Return to school January but this date could be changed

A spokesman for the DfE said the Redbridge Council knew it should be on the closure list and it was accidentally missed but added as soon as they became aware of the bug

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