‘ It’s a massive PR stunt where probably two of the richest people in the country are talking about something they have very little to do with, ‘restaurateurs says

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has a series of discussions with industry leaders about the pandemic with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

A conversation between Rishi Sunak and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay about the challenges of the hotel industry was described by chefs as a “PR stunt” The Chancellor’s decision to turn to the TV personality is said to be “disrespectful” for small businesses to fight through lockdown

The Chancellor posted a tweet on Thursday to announce that he will sit down with “industry leaders and experts to see how they have responded to the pandemic” over the next few weeks, starting with Mr Ramsay, who made a name for himself in Michelin star restaurants before becoming one of the richest and most famous chefs in the world through his TV work

A video of the chat between the two multimillionaires showed how they discussed the Kitchen Nightmare star’s experience with his restaurant business over the past year – and his latest project to host a new game show, Bank Balance

But sitting has rubbed cooks and others the wrong way in hospitality, and many have pointed out that Mr Ramsay laid off around 500 employees during the initial lockdown last March – even as Mr Sunak was the government’s vacation program Has launched Keep People Supporting While You Stay in the Post

Asma Khan, founder of Darjeeling restaurant in central London, said the post of Chancellor “reeked of privilege” and was a reminder of “how little we matter” to smaller businesses

She told The Independent, “It’s very annoying, not because people want to hate Gordon or Rishi, but it’s just so brutal when we can’t survive or fight”This third lockdown was so difficult for everyone, especially those of us in central London, a ghost town

“It is so shameful that [Rishi] talked to an extremely wealthy, privileged chef, I’m sure he had difficulties we all have, but having such a conversation is disrespectful to everyone on the ground , the small restaurant, the corner shops where whole families have lost their jobs

“I don’t feel respected, I feel the pain of all quiet but worthy people I am embarrassed for them to face this kind of reaction from the government and our so-called self-proclaimed industry leaders””

The video also caused a feeling of “dismay” in Masterchef winner and restaurateur Simon Wood He added, “There is a difference between thinking that you are helping and actually helping, and it’s pretty clear that it does

“It’s a massive public relations stunt that has probably two of the richest people in the country talking about something they have very little to do with,” he said. “This isn’t a fight with Gordon, but the industry has to be addressed on site It’s a glossy shoot with a celebrity””

Talking about his restaurant venturing into fine dining delivery boxes to keep its business going, Mr. Wood added, “[Gordon’s] view of being able to start a TV show in lockdown versus In my opinion, I just packed 40 boxes so that I don’t have to lay off my employees, it is so far removed from what we have to do in the industry There is no comparison and it is small businesses that are struggling the most ”

Damian Wawrzyniak, head chef at the House of Feasts near Peterborough, East Anglia, asked Mr. Sunak to speak to “more common people” than Mr. Ramsay and tweeted, “Can you talk to more common people? People with mortgages, families, children in preschool with child care to pay?

“You can’t see the problem if you don’t get to the bottom of the problem and we simple people are at the bottom right now”We have to jump back NOW”

Lucy Powell, Secretary of State for Shadow and Consumer Affairs in the Labor Area, also criticized the Chancellor’s decision to speak to Mr Ramsay

She tweeted, “Words fail I’m not against Gordon Ramsay, but he was barely the voice of hospitality last year from one ivory tower to another (with a special iPad stand)

“Try speaking to those in the field – can I give you a list?” She added

As the country waits for Boris Johnson’s roadmap to be unveiled from England, the Prime Minister has warned that the hospitality industry is likely to be among the last to reopen its doors

Mr. Johnson is expected to take a “prudent and prudent” approach to easing restrictions However, it is understood that it will not set any hard and fast timings, and instead will outline the earliest points at which various easings could occur, depending on how the pandemic evolves

A Treasury Department spokesman responded to the criticism in a statement: “Throughout the pandemic, the Chancellor has worked closely with the hospitality industry to understand their concerns and reach out to as many people as possible to ensure they are aware of it are aware of our £ 280 billion package of economic support

“He has engaged with many personalities from across the industry, including several roundtables and a recent meeting with Gordon Ramsay, a hugely popular chef with a wide reach across the UK

“We have supported hospitality throughout the pandemic including holidays, business travel vacation rates, grants, and the Eat Out to Help Out program. We will continue to do so,”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has a series of discussions with industry leaders about the pandemic with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

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