The number of visitors to the main street increased significantly last week, apparently due to the roadmap announcement due to closure and sunny weather

Figures from data firm Springboard showed visits to retail destinations were up 11% from the previous week in what has been called “increasingly clear signs of lockdown fatigue”

The main streets saw the biggest increases, with visitor numbers increasing by 159%, with visits to business parks by 59% and an increase of 6% to shopping centers, the figures for the United Kingdom


Overall, the numbers for the week from Jan. February still 56 lower year-on-year, 5% total as non-essential retailers remain closed A week earlier, 62 feet were trodden 1% less than 2020

Springboard said there was a “very marked acceleration in activity” on Friday and Saturday as the weather improved and consumers “wanted to make the most of the weekend”

On the main streets, the largest increases were seen in regional cities outside London and in coastal cities, each increasing by more than 18% from the previous week

Visitor numbers to central London were up 164%, but that was from a much lower base, said Springboard

Diane Wehrle, Insights Director at Springboard, said, “Footfall data continues to provide clearer evidence of lockdown fatigue in consumers

“Perhaps driven by the government’s announcement of the government’s reopening schedule earlier this week, but aided by drier, warmer weather in the second half of the week, visitor numbers to UK retail destinations rose again

“This was not only the sixth week in a row that the number of visitors increased, but also bigger than in any previous week and almost twice as high as the week before”

Nicola Sturgeon faces triple threats to her political career when a Holyrood investigation and opposition MSPs sought evidence that would confirm Alex Salmond’s allegation that she repeatedly violated the Ministerial Code ahead of the First Minister’s appearance on Wednesday the committee conducting the investigation is expected to officially request a cache of documents from Mr Salmond’s attorneys on Monday that he alleged was a “malicious” conspiracy against him, believed to be a majority of the committee Step that Mr Salmond proposed in his closing remarks of his six hour taking of evidence on Friday to bypass the Scottish Government and Crown Office, the MSPs hope the evidence will be cleared up by the committee’s legal advisors in time for Lord Advocate James Wolffe and Crown Agent David Harvie on Tuesday un d Ms. Sturgeon to testify on Wednesday First Minister reportedly allowed five hours in her diary.The Scottish Tories also filed a motion of no confidence in John Swinney, the deputy First Minister, for refusing to contact the SNP government’s legal advice during the successful judicial review by Mr Salmond to surrender Douglas Ross, their leader, gave Mr Swinney 24 hours to publish the advice or take a vote to remove it after the SNP government ignored two demands from Holyrood, the Liberal Democrats said they would support the Tory motion and it is under review today by Anas Sarwar, the new Scottish Labor leader, it is understood that the Greens will wait to see what is said in the motion before making a decision Mr Salmond informed the investigation that the outside lawyer appointed by Ms. Sturgeon’s government was responding to it indicated that he was likely to lose the case and later threatened to resign if it was not granted. The Scottish Government was charged with 600To have wasted £ 000 in public money by not closing the judicial review case until the eleventh hour in a possible violation of Ministerial Law

A patient was placed in an ambulance outside King Edward VII’s hospital, which is also where Prince Philip is treated. Umbrellas and a police van were used to prevent television and press cameras from recording anything, with no confirmation that this is was the Duke of Edinburgh, but there is currently an unusually large police presence outside the hospital reportedly

Belgium is considering U-turn with Oxford Covid vaccine for people over 55 Several European countries have chosen not to treat older age groups due to a lack of data Coronavirus – latest conference updates last week Photo: Johanna Geron / AP

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Almost a quarter of NHS workers in some parts of the country oppose covid shocks Official statistics show that more than 200000 health and care workers put patients at risk NHS figures show that 91 percent of frontline health workers across the country have accepted a vaccine offer, compared to 76 percent in London – the worst rejection rate000 frontline health workers in the capital, including medical professionals, hospital owners, cleaners and laboratory staff, did not get a sting The national picture among nursing home workers is even worse, with an intake of less than 73 percent. Statistics show that around 106000 frontline healthcare workers and 121+000 nurses have not yet received the vaccine. Last week, Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, said NHS and nursing home staff had a “professional responsibility” for vaccination, while the Queen said those who oppose the vaccine “should think of other people rather than themselves”

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LOCKDOWN roadmap

World News – UK – COVID-19: An unlocked roadmap is helping to drive the return to main roads