Hopefully most of the rules will be in place by the 21st June can be eased, but this depends on cases, deaths, and hospital admissions continuing to decline

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Boris Johnson outlined his four steps to make England easier to lock up to different sections of society and the economy

The Prime Minister hopes to have most of the rules by Jan. June to be able to pick up However, this depends on cases, deaths, and hospital admissions continuing to decline, so the dates are as early as possible if any of the rules stated could be overturned

There will be no regional tier systems – England will be treated as one in easing the lockdown

• Secondary school students are required to wear face masks first, while staff in all schools are advised to wear masks

• All secondary and college students are tested twice a week, at school for the first two weeks and then at home

• All households with school children, members of their support and childcare bubbles, and people in related professions are encouraged to be tested regularly

• Students attending hands-on classes may return, but others will need to continue with online classes This will be verified over the Easter holidays

• A person can meet another person from a different household outside to relax and not just to play sports

• This means that two people can meet for a picnic or sit on a bench with a coffee, but cannot play tennis or golf

• Up to six people from different households or a larger group of two households can meet outside, even in private gardens

• Outdoor sports facilities can be reopened and organized outdoor sports can be held for children and adults

• From this point onwards, the government will delete the “stay home” message and instead encourage people to stay wherever they can

• People must continue to work from home whenever possible and no travel abroad is allowed other than required work

• Libraries, museums, zoos, theme parks and gyms can be opened – however, mixing different households indoors is not allowed

• Outdoor hospitality can reopen, including pubs and restaurants – with typically six or a larger group of two households

• Customers don’t have to buy an essential meal to have an alcoholic beverage and there is no curfew, but people do need to sit down to order and eat or drink

• In the open air, most of the rules for social interaction are abolished, but gatherings of more than 30 people are illegal

• Indoors, the rule of six or a larger group of up to two households is permitted

• Indoor hospitality – pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, children’s playgrounds, hotels, B&Bs, indoor exercise classes – is allowed

• Advice on social distancing between family and friends, including hugs, will be given no later than April 17th May


• Large indoor performances and sporting events with a capacity of 1000 people are allowed

• Large performances and outdoor sporting events have a maximum capacity of 4000 people or can only be half full, whichever is lower

• Larger sports stadiums may 10000 people or only a quarter full, whichever is lower

There are some rules and issues that have not yet been agreed upon that need to be reviewed while the lockdown is being relaxed

The government hopes to finalize a review of whether vaccine or test certificates could be used to reopen the rest of the economy before step four

The government has announced that after a review that will run until Jan. April will be completed, not before April 17 May be resumed

The government has stated that testing could be used to ensure people can safely attend large events

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