The police dissolved two house parties and imposed 15 fines after violating the Covid blocking rules in Swansea

Nine people were fined for watching England v Scotland rugby match in a house in the Highlands on Saturday

And six people received solid sentences after South Wales police broke up a birthday party in Ynystawe

On Sunday, police closed Cyfarthfa Park in Merthyr Tydfil to vehicle access as too many showed up and the exercises were supposed to start at home

Individuals are allowed to exercise outdoors, but should not drive to the location due to blocking rules

And people can only mingle at home in their household or support bubble, with £ 60 fines for violations

NPT Team 1 – Cyfartha Park will be closed for vehicle access due to the large number of vehicles present on site The exercise should start and end at home #SaferMerthyr #StayHomeSaveLives

Officials also ceased traffic in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, as households expressed concern on Saturday about the number of people in the narrow streets

She said she would welcome them if there wasn’t a pandemic, “But this Covid is a completely different fish kettle,” she said

Individuals are advised not to travel to exercise outdoors, with restrictions on all but essential travel

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