Coronavirus at the latest as: Falling death rates, experts call for an early end to the lockdown, in view of concerns about the data of the Brazilian variant and a new vaccine study

Actress Ophelia Lovibond will play Carrie Symonds in an upcoming drama about Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus crisis

It has already been announced that Sir Kenneth Branagh will play the Prime Minister on the Sky series This Sceptred Isle

Lovibond, also known for her roles on Guardians Of The Galaxy and the comedy series Feel Good, will play the Prime Minister’s fiancée while Simon Paisley Day, who recently played Douglas Carswell in the drama Brexit with Benedict Cumberbatch , will play Dominic Cummings

The five-part drama will record the events during the first wave of the global pandemic and is based on first-hand testimony from people at Downing Street, the Department of Health, the Emergency Scientific Advisory Group (Sage) Nursing homes and hospitals

The lockdown in the Athens region, which began on Aug. March should end, was on the 16 March extended, said Deputy Disaster Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias today at a press conference with

The country reported on Wednesday 2702 daily infections, compared to 2353 the day before It is the highest daily number reported this year

Essex Police said in a tweet that the coronavirus lateral flow tests were intended for schools across the country and were stolen from a truck in Harlow

The infection numbers on Wednesday are an increase compared to the 17th083 on Tuesday The death toll was slightly higher today than it was yesterday when 343 COVID deaths were recorded

At his weekly media conference, Swann said data on the prevalence of virus and vaccine rollout numbers are “positive”

“Our approach – which is firmly based on the principle of cautious optimism – pays dividends,” he said

He said there were 582 in the region881 vaccines have been administered, of which 545000 first cans were

“We anticipate the program will be even more intense in the coming weeks as the Oxford / Astra Zeneca vaccine supply is expected to increase significantly,” he said

Mr Swann also said he understood the frustration caused by the lack of data in Northern Ireland’s lockdown exit strategy

“I fully understand the frustration that we cannot move out of lockdown faster or pinpoint our way out of lockdown,” he said

UK supermarket giants Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons have announced that they will forego corporate rate relief granted to them in Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak’s budget statement

Mr. Sunak extended a one-year commercial tariff exemption for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses through June to help them cope with the COVID-19 pandemic

He also said that for the remaining nine months of fiscal 2021-22, business rates would be discounted by two-thirds

The major UK supermarkets initially benefited from Sunak’s freeze on commercial property prices for the 2020-21 period, but repaid it after performing relatively strongly during the crisis

Sainsbury’s said it wants wider discussion and consultation with the government on overarching corporate rate reform and a corporate tax review

“We fundamentally believe that business rates are an outdated and unfair burden on retailers with physical stores and must be permanently reduced,” it said

Is an 86 year old woman in Ohio
the first person in the US to receive a first dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19

Schmalenberger received her push at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus,
An arena where mass vaccinations take place just a few days later

“It really was like that
exciting, “Ms. Schmalenberger told CNN after getting the shot,” when I got out
My car, I was shaking, I was so excited I couldn’t wait “

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the third
Coronavirus vaccine approved for use in the United States

Boris Johnson says Rishi Sunak’s budget set before MPs today will lead Britain to invest in “innovation, skills and infrastructure to better rebuild”

Epidemiologists and doctors are trying to find out why the number of coronavirus cases has risen so sharply in the sparsely populated northeastern region of Poland, which has so far only had low infection rates

The country is seeing an increase in cases of the British variant in particular and believes Poles returning from the UK may be behind it

On Wednesday the region saw 14 million daily 1132 new coronavirus cases The infection rate per 100000 people is consistently more than twice as high as the national average

according to the latest data

Another 204 people who tested positive for coronavirus have died in hospital in England, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths reported in hospitals to 83733 increases, said NHS England

In the meantime, between the 8 December and the 2 March in England a total of 18194919 COVID-19 vaccinations took place This is based on preliminary data from NHS England, including the first and second dose, an increase of 208968 compared to the previous day’s numbers corresponds to

Of that number were 17554700 the first dose of a vaccine, an increase from 181316 the previous day, while 640219 were a second dose, an increase from 27652

Northamptonshire Police force is reminding the public that lockdown measures are still in place after issuing 114 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to anyone violating COVID-19 rules over the weekend

Officials fined 36 people £ 200 for unnecessary travel and £ 200 for 33 people mixing indoors

Deputy Police Commissioner Simon Blatchly said: “It is so disappointing to still find people willing to break these rules to keep the most vulnerable among us as safe as possible from the virus, which still does everyone Day kills people””

The UK will receive 10 million doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine made by the Serum Institute of India (SII), the UK government said on Tuesday

SII, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by volume, mass-produces the AstraZeneca vaccine developed with Oxford University for dozen of low and middle income countries

“The UK has ordered 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca, 10 million of which are from the Serum Institute of India,” a UK government spokesman told Reuters today

Much of Wednesday’s budget (summarized here) was focused on the pandemic, with some programs expanding and some new with an additional $ 65 billion GBP were introduced

Click the link to view all COVID-related announcements that include the renewal of the vacation program, assistance to businesses, and an expansion of the vacation system for stamp taxes

France is preparing to relax lockdown restrictions from mid-April as it looks to accelerate its vaccination campaign against the pandemic

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said: “We will still have difficult times, but for the first time in months a return to more normal living conditions is in sight

“It is neither a distant nor an uncertain horizon – it is a horizon that is getting closer and closer. We hope maybe by mid-April and prepare for it”

He added: “The President (Emmanuel Macron) has asked us to table proposals that could allow the country to reopen cautiously”

France reported on Tuesday 22857 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, a significant increase from 4703 on Monday and from 19952 on Sunday, confirming another surge in the virus

Antibodies raised by exposure to the South African variant can prevent infection from other variants, according to new research

The results from South African scientists give hope that COVID-19 vaccines will be based on the 501Y, the V2 variant first identified late last year, could protect against multiple variants circulating in different parts of the world

The more contagious variant triggered a second wave of infections in South Africa, which peaked in January and has presumably spread to many other countries in Africa and other continents

“We used plasma from people who were infected with the 501YV2 this last wave and we used it against the first wave virus. What we found is that it could neutralize, OK, not that good how it could neutralize itself, but it’s not bad at all, “said Alex Sigal of the Africa Health Research Institute at a press conference

He said vaccines developed with the 501YV2 variant in mind “could be cross-protective to other variants This gives you an idea of ​​how this variant problem can be solved “

The Brazilian variant of coronavirus was first discovered in Denmark, the country’s health minister said today

Denmark has one of the lowest daily numbers of new infections in Europe, but is partially banned as the more contagious variant B117 First discovered in Great Britain, it has become dominant in recent weeks

A US telehealth company has announced it is working with the New York State Department of Health to vaccinate people who cannot leave their homes for coronavirus

Some elderly, disabled, or otherwise homebound people may have difficulty getting a vaccine for which they must travel to be vaccinated

The new program, which will initially begin in Yonkers, New York, will allow patients to schedule a vaccine appointment online and a vaccine will be sent to their home to give them a COVID-19 rush

The company, Ro, said the service was free to patients and it would also cover transportation costs for healthcare workers, Uber is helping in part to cover those costs through donated free rides, he added

The sisters of King Felipe of Spain received COVID-19 vaccines in Abu Dhabi last month while visiting their father, reports the online newspaper El Confidencial

The news outraged people in their homeland, where most Spaniards are still waiting to be shot

Elena de Borbon (picture below) and her sister Cristina visited the former King Juan Carlos, who has lived in a cloud of scandals in the United Arab Emirates since he left Spain in August

It was not clear how the two got their shots as the UAE only offers free COVID-19 vaccinations to residents and citizens and requires a valid ID

According to World in Data statistics, up to 60% of the UAE’s population has received a vaccine

“It’s very uncomfortable, very ugly,” said Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz to Spanish state television TVE. “We, the people who exercise any kind of representation, have to lead by example”

Game that would have been served in some of the UK’s best restaurants will be donated to charities to help families in poverty

The Country Food Trust (CFT) has secured 34 tonnes of venison for distribution to charities and food banks across the UK as restaurant demand declined during the COVID-19 pandemic

Starting today, dishes such as venison lasagna and shepherd’s pie will be served on Food Waste Week

Tim Woodward, CFT executive director, said he was “delighted” to help distribute game to families struggling during the pandemic

He said, “In the current closed hospitality environment, there is limited demand for game game and we are delighted to use this delicious, low-fat protein to help people living in food poverty

“The Country Food Trust is in the process of donating its two millionth meal to the needy and could not have done so without the incredible support of its supporters and the rural community”

According to a leading charity, theaters can “make an” important contribution “to the country’s economy after the coronavirus pandemic

Theaters Trust, which works for community theater and helps community groups save their local theater, welcomed the news that the Chancellor will provide more than £ 400m in additional support to the hardest hit cultural sector in his budget

Rishi Sunak is preparing to distribute £ 408 million to help reopen museums, theaters and galleries in England once coronavirus restrictions ease in the coming months

Chancellor Rishi Sunak puts forward a three-point plan as the UK economy begins to recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic

A large UK study looking at potential early-stage COVID-19 treatments will begin testing gout medication colchicine and has expanded the eligibility criteria for the arm of the study, Oxford University researchers said today

The anti-inflammatory drug is already being tested in another UK study called RECOVERY This is the world’s largest clinical trial to treat patients hospitalized with COVID-19

Ryanair hopes to fly up to 70% of 2019 passenger numbers this summer due to COVID-19 vaccines and more coronavirus tests, provided travelers who have been vaccinated or had negative tests are exempt from quarantine rules

Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary spoke to a UK parliamentary committee today, also warning that a controversial government vaccination record is unlikely to be ready in time for the main holiday season

“We’re hoping we can fly maybe 60, 70% of our normal traffic in the midsummer months of June, July, August and September,” he said, “that’s about as optimistic as it gets,”

The UK Aviation Secretary said that after the COVID-19 lockdown, country cooperation needs to be carried out by the cooperating countries and that the government hoped that the holidays would be released as soon as possible after Jan. May be allowed

Speaking to a parliamentary committee today, Robert Courts said: “This will likely involve working with other international partners

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week that the ban on unnecessary international travel to and from England until at least Jan. May persist

When asked exactly when travel will be allowed, the courts said: “Before the 17th There will be no more trips in May and we will look for it as soon as possible, but I really can’t give more detail on

Employees at banks in Singapore who are involved in key operations will be offered COVID-19 vaccinations This makes it one of the first global centers to seed its financial services industry

“Workers performing critical operations in systemically important financial institutions in Singapore have been encouraged to show their interest in vaccination,” said the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Local banks DBS Group Holdings, OCBC and UOB, regional lender Maybank and global banks HSBC, Citigroup and Standard Chartered are part of the vaccination campaign, said bank officials and the central bank

European countries should “continue” using Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine in the elderly to save lives, said a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI)

Adam Finn, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Bristol, presented new research on people over 80 who found that a shot of the Pfizer / BioNTech or Oxford vaccine prevented serious illnesses leading to hospitalization would

Urging other countries to use their stocks of Oxford Jab, he stated in a briefing: “Britain is way ahead, this age group has now been vaccinated, we are in people in our sixties, we have reached 90% absorption” / p>

“However, there are many doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine available in European countries that for lack of data are not given to people over 65 years of age, in some cases in countries over 55 years of age”

He continued, “Well, here is the data. There is data from Public Health England and Scotland and now from us showing that by giving them a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, you can save lives in the elderly.” / p>

South Korea is investigating the deaths of two people with pre-existing medical conditions who passed away within days of receiving COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca said it was aware of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) investigation, but the safety of the vaccine has been extensively studied in clinical trials, with data confirming that it is generally well tolerated

“KDCA is conducting epidemiological investigations with the relevant local authorities to confirm a link with the vaccination, KDCA Director Jeong Eun-kyeong told a briefing

A 63-year-old nursing home patient with cerebrovascular disease developed symptoms such as high fever after receiving the vaccine four days ago, Jeong

The man was rushed to a larger hospital on Tuesday but died after showing symptoms of blood poisoning and pneumonia, according to the Yonhap News Agency

Another nursing home patient in his fifties with heart disease and diabetes died after multiple heart attacks on Wednesday after receiving the vaccine the day before

Jeong said there were no deaths from receiving COVID-19 vaccines developed by AstraZeneca or Pfizer / BioNTech, however, people have urged people to take the shot if they feel they are in good health

Germany is expected to announce a gradual easing of coronavirus restrictions today to strike a balance between public health needs and the economy

With elections coming up, Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured below) and regional leaders are under increasing pressure to come up with plans to restore normal activity after four months of lockdown

However, the daily cases are creeping in again and only about 5% of the population have received an initial vaccine

The government is proposing a five-step relaxation of regulations starting Monday, including a mass testing program, with the option to re-tighten the curbs for stuck infections

The Mayor of London said the last daily number of new cases reported yesterday was 629

In the last week of the full data from Jan. February 2021 to 25 February 2021 were held in London on 5865 people tested positive, which is a rate of 65 cases per 100000 inhabitants corresponds to

A global warning from the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) warned that vaccines would be a prime target for criminal networks

In a warehouse in Germiston, a small town in the South African region of Gauteng, around 400 ampoules – this corresponds to around 2400 doses – found of the counterfeit vaccine, which officials also found a large number of counterfeit 3M masks in

In China, police successfully identified a network selling counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines, raided manufacturing facilities, arrested around 80 suspects, and confiscated more than 3000 counterfeit vaccines on site

A Paris court is holding a hearing today to hold French health officials and companies accountable after thousands died of COVID-19 in nursing homes and families were locked out and left in the dark about what happened to their isolated loved ones

Families hope that it sheds some light on what went wrong last year when the virus devastated France’s oldest generation and robbed their children and grandchildren of the opportunity to help or even say goodbye

“We want to make sure mistakes are not repeated, that someone is held accountable,” said plaintiff Sabrina Deliry, who has been mobilizing families across France since her mother’s Paris nursing home first closed a year ago,

A dose of the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech or AstraZeneca will help prevent diseases that are so serious that people aged 80 and over need to be hospitalized with other illnesses

The results of an ongoing surveillance project known as AvonCAP, funded by Pfizer, indicated that a dose of the Pfizer BioNTech shot released on Aug. Used last December in the UK, 71 was 4% effective from 14 days onwards in preventing symptomatic disease severe enough to result in hospitalization in patients with a mean age of 87 years

For the AstraZeneca vaccine released on Jan. Introduced January 1st in the UK, the results showed it was 804% effective by the same standards in patients with a mean age of 88 years

“These early results show that the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program is working better than we hoped,” said Adam Finn, professor of pediatrics and lead researcher on the AvonCAP study at Bristol University, UK

In the Isle of Man, following a surge in COVID-19 cases, a power interruption went into effect after a member of the ferry crew tested positive

The island was on 1 Locked in February and schools and businesses reopened after no reports of unexplained cases of coronavirus in the community were published for 17 consecutive days

But on Tuesday
Chief Minister Howard Quayle announced a new embargo of 21 days
“Transmission in our church that we cannot and that we cannot see
understand “

added: “After lengthy discussions that kept us busy, we did
decided that there is nothing we can do to put this longer-term exit in jeopardy

“We have to
intervene now If we do this now and everyone does their part, we will do it again
Stamp out the current outbreak that appears to be moving beneath our surface
Community “

The island currently has 58 cases of coronavirus, three of which have none
Immediate association with identified clusters of the virus

Foreign visitors were upset by China’s anal swab tests for COVID-19, causing complaints of inconvenience and even psychological trauma, and fueling debate about their need

Some cities, such as the capital Beijing, Shanghai and the port city of Qingdao, require tests in addition to nasal swabs or throat swabs for some international arrivals, state media reports

The Chinese Center for Disease Control says the test is done with a sterile cotton swab that looks like a very long earpiece and is inserted 3 cm to 5 cm (1 2 in. to 2 in.) into the anus before gently inserting it is unscrewed

The absence of sick people from the workplace has fallen to its lowest level in history, new figures show

The pandemic helped lower absenteeism rates as people were either working from home or forced to provide shelter, according to a report

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the rate had fallen to 1.8% last year, the lowest level since current records began in 1995

In 2020, around 118 million working days were lost due to illness or injury, which equates to 36 days per worker

The pandemic may have resulted in an additional absence of illness, but measures like vacation, social distancing, shielding and increased homework appear to have helped reduce other causes, the ONS

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said government support for airlines during the coronavirus pandemic has been “deplorable.”

He told the Transport Select Committee, “We have had to reimburse more than 1.5 billion euros3 billion) to customers in the last 12 months because our flights were canceled on government orders

“Where I will be most critical of the UK government is the only leverage they have – and that is this ridiculous APD tax of £ 22 per departing passenger – and the government has made no effort to to reverse that, cut it temporarily, or in fact, what we would ask, give it up altogether, at least until traffic at UK airports recovers to pre-pandemic levels, “he said

“Rishi Sunak did nothing against APD, which is the most outrageous tax on air travel, as it is regressive and hits the poorest people the hardest

“The vacation program is not what needs to be done and it will be a very challenging and difficult return to normal operations or to pre-COVID operational levels and profitability”

The International Air Transport Association plans to launch a Travel Pass mobile app that will allow travelers to save and manage COVID-19 tests and vaccine certifications

It has been announced that it will test its app with Singapore Airlines on a route between Singapore and London over the next few weeks

The app is designed to save evidence of a negative COVID-19 test as well as evidence of future vaccination

Nick Careen, senior vice president of cargo and airport passenger safety, told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that “some” governments have shown interest in the app
When asked if British passengers could use paper records as proof of vaccination or would have to upload digital evidence, Careen said, “Chances are, it’s a combination of the two

“Especially for the UK there has been some discussion and some announcements related to digitization and there is a digital record of your vaccination by the NHS regardless of how it is logged so the ability to be able to communicate , that wouldn’t be overly burdensome

“But ultimately we would expect that we need to be able to upload existing documents, but also those that are digital too”

As for privacy, Mr. Careen said the information in the app would not be stored in a central database and that the test and vaccine records would only be “on your phone”

A labor councilor was suspended from the party after proposing to see a “private nursing doctor” for a vaccination, even though shocks were only available in the NHS

Jamila Azad’s Facebook status update said she was vaccinated by a private paramedic, “waited long on NHS waiting list”

“My beloved daughter took me to a private doctor for Covid 19 vaccine,” reads the post, which has since been removed

Local party officials said she was “suspended by the whips of the Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council working groups pending further investigation”

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Welfare said, “It would be illegal to give vaccines outside the NHS and in that case the MHRA (Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency) would take enforcement action”

The police in the Dutch capital confirmed that the explosion in the city of Bovenkarspel appears to be deliberate

Coronavirus vaccines for Palestinian medical professionals have been given to VIPs such as ministers and the national soccer team, the country’s health ministry admitted

The Palestinian Authority (PA), which administers parts of Gaza and the West Bank, confirmed details of the introduction of stabbing weapons following criticism from human rights and civil society groups for an investigation

We spoke to Bethany Budworth who owns the Olive Restaurant and Bar in Corby, Northamptonshire

The region has one of the highest COVID rates in the country and companies are concerned about the impact this will have on their reopening, writes Sky News correspondent Lisa Dowd

Bethany says she is “pleased” that the Chancellor is extending the vacation program until the end of September

“Since we are in an area with a high virus rate, we know the roadmap is great, but we could fall a little behind with it Without our team, we don’t have a business, so it’s vital that we keep it”the staff we’ve had for three years,” she says

“What we really need to see is a government reopening grant as the hospitality industry is causing so much startup costs

“Finding that money now after 12 months of a pandemic is not feasible. Much of our stocks are perishable and will require a lot of investment to reopen. We closed 8 months out of 12 because we are in a high level area many restrictions have acted

“Eat Out to Help Out helped us survive but we are aware of a possible spike in coronavirus cases if they do this again and we don’t want to put anyone at risk even though we’ve never had a single case in this restaurant

“It would be fantastic to do it all over again, but we’d have to watch out for stock as we saw bottlenecks last time”

South Korean authorities say they are investigating the deaths of two people – both with pre-existing medical conditions – who died within days of receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

A 63-year-old nursing home patient with cerebrovascular disease developed symptoms such as high fever after receiving the vaccine four days ago, said Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA)

He was taken to a larger hospital on Tuesday but died after showing symptoms of blood poisoning and pneumonia, the Yonhap News Agency reported

Another nursing home patient in his fifties with heart disease and diabetes died after multiple heart attacks on Wednesday after receiving the vaccine the day before

KDCA said it was investigating the cause of death, but did not state that the deaths were caused by the vaccine

“KDCA is conducting epidemiological investigations with the relevant local authorities to confirm an association with the vaccination,” said Ms. Jeong

Reuters reports that Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to approve a gradual easing of the coronavirus curbs with regional leaders, although the rules may be tightened again as infections rise

Pressure is mounting on the government to have clear plans to restore normal activity after months of pandemic restrictions, although daily cases have increased again and the pace of vaccination has been slow

Regional elections are due later this month in two states and a national election in September, with politicians to blame for who is responsible for the slow pace of vaccines and the introduction of more testing

An explosion hit a Dutch COVID-19 test center in Amsterdam just before it opened this morning

The explosion broke windows but caused no injuries, police said – who apparently also indicated the attack was deliberate

The explosion was in the town of Bovenkarspel, police from the province of North Holland said in a statement, adding that they had cordoned off the area to investigate

Country music legend Dolly Parton received the Moderna Jab at Vanderbilt Health in Tennessee

A photo was posted on the 75-year-old’s Twitter account, in which she received the vaccination along with the words “Dolly is getting a dose of her own medicine”

This was a reference to the seemingly universally loved star who helped fund the Moderna vaccine – after she got $ 1 million from Vanderbilt University last year USD (720£ 000) to help find a coronavirus cure

While many social media users – and indeed some news outlets – decided to mark the trend by trying to suggest the word “vaccine” to paraphrase the singer’s timeless number “Jolene”, this one decided Writer vs Word Game The basis on which it doesn’t really work when written down

Here you can read about her and various other celebrities who have received their bumps so far

In a decision that is already causing some controversy, anyone who has smoked at least 100 cigarettes in their life can turn to age 24 and older March in North Carolina received a vaccine

You were inducted into the state’s vaccine priority group 4, along with adults with one or more high-risk conditions – including asthma and cancer – and people living in close groups and key workers

News about politics has predictably sparked a mix of outrage and amusement on social media, and many suggest that this might encourage people to smoke

Roman Catholic leaders in St Louis and New Orleans have notified Catholics that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine – newly approved for use in the US – is “morally compromised” because it is made using a cell line derived from an aborted fetus

The Archdiocese of New Orleans says the decision to get a vaccine is a decision of individual conscience, and while it no longer advised Catholics not to take the Johnson & Johnson jab, they should be Moderna or Pfizer’s Select manufactured if available

And the Archdiocese of St Louis has also encouraged Catholics to seek out the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and avoid the Johnson & Johnson version whenever possible

In contrast to the declaration of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the declaration of St Louis stresses that Catholics can get this vaccine “in good conscience” when no other alternative is available “

The falling infection and death rates in the UK – and the optimism that has resulted – are largely due to the introduction of the vaccination program

Well, here are the most up-to-date numbers on our vaccination counter – which indicates that more than one in three adults has now received at least one dose:

The immune response to COVID-19 vaccines in patients with certain immunocompromised diseases is being investigated in a new study

People with cancer, inflammatory arthritis, kidney or liver disease, or those with a stem cell transplant may be more likely to have more serious complications from the coronavirus

The new Octave study was funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and is designed to determine the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines in these clinically vulnerable patient populations

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