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The development of new coronavirus variants has been a global concern with the UK finally seeing a dramatic decrease in coronavirus transmission alongside a successful vaccine rollout program, the government has put stricter controls in place at the border to prevent the spread to prevent new Covid variants in the UK

Before traveling to the UK, you must have a negative Covid test to enter

Participants must have taken a Covid test in the three days prior to their travel service departure for England

People who are UK citizens and have already received the Covid vaccine still need to take a test

People who have traveled from Red List countries in the last 10 days will be refused entry to Great Britain

This does not apply to UK or Irish nationals who are entitled to reside in the UK and can return to the UK

However, a quarantine period is required upon arrival and people are required to stay in a government approved hotel for 10 days

The test-to-release program is not an option for travelers arriving from a red list country

Hotel stays are paid for by the person visiting the UK, Health Secretary Matt Hancock


He said: “We are putting in place a new hotel quarantine system for UK and Irish residents who have been to Red Listed countries in the past 10 days

“In short, this means that all returning residents from these countries must be quarantined in an assigned hotel room for 10 days from the time of their arrival

“Before you travel, you must book through an online platform and pay for a quarantine package, which is 1Costs £ 750 if one person travels alone, including hotel, transportation and testing ”

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People arriving from a Red List country could face severe penalties for not following the rules, including up to 10 years in prison for lying about traveling from a Red List country

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News: “We are dealing with the variants now, and with variants we cannot risk it in these final stages once we have the vaccine in place”

“We may have difficulties due to variations, although we have assumed so far that the vaccines can take care of them

“And because of this, we think things like jail time to be lies for being in one of these Red List countries are appropriate”

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33 Red List countries

World News – GB – Covid Red List: What are the 33 Red List countries for travel?

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