England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer says he is “concerned” that fewer BAME people might get the Covid vaccine

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam is concerned that “acceptance among ethnic minority groups will not be as rapid or as high as it is in the white population”

However, he stressed that vaccine intake was very high in people previously offered this

Studies suggest that the virus has hit ethnic minority communities proportionally worse than white communities in the UK

“We are always concerned when we receive disinformation and things that are blatantly false and misleading and that serve to scare people and damage their confidence in what we do – which I believe in absolutely passionately”

Regarding one conspiracy theory – that the vaccine increases infertility – Professor Van Tam said he has never heard of a vaccine that affects fertility and described it as a “nasty, harmful horror story,” but that’s all “

He added that he believes “the vast majority of people in the UK would prefer to get their vaccine advice from trusted sources rather than the nonsense that is spread on social media”

Over 12 million people in the UK have now received a dose of the vaccine – with no significant side effects noted – which he called “a very reassuring signal across the board” “

When asked if vaccination would be compulsory, he said we had no tradition in the UK of doing this

However, he said it was “plausible” that other countries might require you to be vaccinated in order to enter those countries

And while he says mandatory vaccination might be good to increase uptake “at first sight”, he warns that it could “create resistance” which would ultimately have the opposite effect

He reiterated that the vast majority of people got the vaccine when offered – more than 90% in those over 75

There were also questions about a variant of the virus that was first found in South Africa and that may be more easily spread

The government has started door-to-door testing in parts of England where this variant has been found to try to suppress its transmission

According to Prof Van-Tam, the number of known cases of this version of the virus in the UK is less than 200, and the growth rate means it will not overtake the dominant strains in the UK

Prof Van-Tam says there is a “likely” future that optimized vaccines are regularly released to combat newer strains

“It might look like the annual flu program if things settle down over a period of years”

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