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A new online calculator has predicted the date you could get the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK

The Omni Calculator will guess your place in the queue after asking a few questions about you, such as: B. about your job or health problems

To find out, you will be asked for your age The older you are, the sooner you can get the stab

The calculator asks you if you are pregnant or want to be within the next three months If the answer is yes, at this time researchers aren’t recommending that you have the sting until more data is released This is reported by Mirror Online

It is also asked if you are a front line health worker or social worker, if you are classified as extremely vulnerable, or if you have an underlying health condition

The Omni Calculator website states, “You will then see an estimate of the maximum number of people waiting in line to get the vaccine in front of you

“We also state how long it can take to receive the vaccine, based on the standard vaccination rate, these numbers are based on a vaccination rate of 1 million vaccinations per week and a standard intake rate of 706%”

The Pfizer push will only cover 20 million people as the government received 40 million doses

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Almost 140000 people were treated with coronavirus vaccines in the first seven days after the rollout began This was confirmed yesterday

Since 90-year-old Margaret Keenan became the first person to receive the approved Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine last Tuesday, 108000 people in England got the sting

Another 7897 were born in Wales, 4th000 in Northern Ireland and 18000 vaccinated in Scotland

The numbers were announced on Tuesday by Government Secretary Nadhim Zahawi, who oversees the largest mass vaccination program in British history

But England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty warned that social distancing has to go on for months – since vaccinating the weakest is not enough to fight Covid

The government is currently working on a priority list of the 20 million most vulnerable people – including everyone over 50 and all adults who screened in March

There is currently no set plan as to how or when non-priority groups could be vaccinated

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