Dan Walker took to Twitter to text worried viewers after upset Alex Scott The Strictly Come Dancing star collapsed after watching a movie about Gérard Houllier

The 36-year-old struggled to speak after being asked about the French football manager by the BBC Breakfast host

It comes after the ex-Liverpool FC star died in Paris on Monday at the age of 73 after heart surgery

The BBC show aired a special video about Gérard during its last broadcast, but it was all a little too much for Alex

Dan, 43, said the play “really hit her” after being asked by the audience at home how they thought of his 672000 followers are

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One user urged, “Hi Dan please take care Alex, she is a real diamond stay safe”

The broadcaster wrote back and confirmed: “Thank you. She’s ok. The beautiful piece about Houllier really hit you, as many of our viewers today have done”

“The program is a pleasure to watch and Alex’s reaction to the Gerard Houllier film was we all”

“Thank you,” Dan said, “Just a shame we couldn’t hug Al,” referring to the ongoing social distancing rules

It comes after a touching segment is shown on Gérard, with the program taking an even more emotional turn when it comes back to the studio

Dan said to his colleague Alex: “He was a real gentleman This week there were some nice honors from so many people

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Then she tried to say: “Yes, a mentor of mine, David Dean, um is very close, was very close to Gérard

“And the news that basically describes him as his brother. In the past few days, David has obviously been disturbed by the news”

Alex continued, “And the photos he sent me and the stories, I think it [the movie] brought it all to life”

The presenter and former soccer player added, “I just want to say, I’ve been to his company a couple of times and he’s such a great person

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Alex Scott

World news – GB – Dan Walker informs about co-star Alex Scott amid tearful TV appearance ‘Really hit her’

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