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Daniel Ricciardo has spoken of his excitement about what he thinks McLaren can achieve in future seasons

The 31-year-old former Renault and Red Bull driver was introduced in the team colors for the first time on Monday evening at his start in 2021, along with his teammate Lando Norris With the MCL35M, they’re also revealed in the new auto driving season

Ricciardo, who announced he was on a three-year contract, said that while there is no guarantee how his time on the famous Woking team would turn out, he believes McLaren is on the right track – especially towards the F1 era of the new rules from 2022, when the pack is expected to close

“We don’t have a crystal ball to leave Red Bull or leave Renault is obviously what I think is right,” Ricciardo said in a media call

“Do I 100 percent know how it will turn out? I don’t know, but I feel like McLaren has done the right things, especially in recent years, to prepare for these rule changes in 22” / p>

“This kind of next-era F1 has the ability to turn the field around a bit and everything I’ve seen and known so far really excites me about where McLaren is going”

Ricciardo spoke warmly about the key management of the team – Managing Director Zak Brown, Team Principal Andreas Seidl and Technical Director James Key, with whom he briefly worked at Toro Rosso in 2013 – and explained why he believed the team was now one a different suggestion than when he first spoke to them about a possible move before leaving Red Bull

“It’s been three years [under contract] so there is certainly enough time to get this thing going. Obviously I feel like I’m getting behind the team with a lot of momentum too,” said the Australian / p>

“Not only results, but really good stability in the team and infrastructure. When I spoke to McLaren a few years ago in 2018, Andreas wasn’t there, James Key wasn’t, so there were still some moving ones Parts

“Ultimately, not only were the results not quite on the right track, but they were trying to figure out their own structure and I think they have figured that out now I’m basically just fitting into the puzzle instead of trying putting it all together I definitely feel good about it “

Ricciardo, who finished two podiums with Renault in 2020, added: “I certainly have the ambition to be on the podium with McLaren for the first time. When the team achieved this last year, I think we can do it to be able to achieve again this year It won’t turn out that way, but if we go ahead and I put the work into it there will be a good opportunity “

Driving a Mercedes engine for the first time “I’m looking forward to that. In this hybrid era, I’ve driven a Renault in the back and I’m looking forward to experiencing something new again. It’s difficult until I’m on the right track really knowing, but they have had a lot of success so I’m expecting something capable of “

Team-mate Lando Norris “We both have a similar approach to the game. We both love what we do, we enjoy our work and we’re not afraid to show it off. So we have the same approach, but from a slightly different perspective Generation I’ve been on Lando for 10 years so it makes a pretty good combination. Sure we’ll always have a good time, but I think the competition on the track will be good, it will be tough and, more importantly, the team push ahead “

The chase behind Mercedes and Red Bull “There was really a rivalry with most of the field. There were more teams on the podium last year so the battle for the front got more intense. They have Mercedes who still have the goal but we’re trying to win to approximate the “

The new F1 boss Stefano Domenicali demands that the drivers be role models “Especially when you are in my 30s now, you think more about the younger generation and how you are perceived. They make a more conscious effort to be a good role model Be and stand by your values ​​Speaking of Stefano, I’m very happy that he is taking on this role. I think he will be really good for Formula 1 “

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