DI Richard Poole comes back from the dead tonight in death in paradise But how? We examine the possibilities

Death in Paradise fans will get a huge thrill tonight as Ben Miller makes his much-anticipated return as DI Richard Poole

For the show’s 10th anniversary, the 54-year-old star revives his role as the series’ first leading detective

In the first episode of last night’s two-part special story, we took Sara Martins back on as Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey after a six-year hiatus

Commissioner Patterson called Camille, who was seen uncovering assignments in Paris, to tell her that her mother Catherine had been attacked. Camille said she would get on the first plane back to Saint Marie and play a big role in play today’s episode

The big mystery is how Ben Miller returns in the sixth season of Death in Paradise when DI Richard Poole was murdered?

Richard was brutally murdered with an ice pick – or was he ?! The Death of a Detective was the first episode of the third series, and Richard had a college reunion. If you fake your own death, who better to help than your old college mates? Maybe Richard looked like he was dead so he could begin a life as an uncovered officer being “dead” would be the perfect cover. Maybe he’s a spy now!

We’re REALLY excited that @ActualBenMiller is making a special appearance on #DeathInParadise Series 10! BildTwittercom / sU6qTs31ZU

So the “Richard” we see in the teaser clips is actually not Richard at all, but his identical twin. That would explain exactly why “Richard” is back from the dead. However, if it is his twin, it seems he really is the same as he seems to have all of his brother’s awkwardness

In a teaser clip, Camille is seen looking towards the sea and she sees Richard walking along the beach, however, we do know that Camille and Richard were very close. In fact, it looked like the couple were among the right ones Circumstances even ended up together What could be more natural than Camille remembering her old friend?

Bobby Ewing famously came back from the dead in Dallas when his character “died” in a dream. Could Richard have died in a dream too? Um, that seems unlikely, but you never know!

Death in Paradise continues on BBC1 tonight (get iPlayer – see our TV guide for a full list)

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