Doctor who is back after disappearing from our screens for almost a year and seeing this festive special, Revolution of the Daleks, the Time Lord revisit some old friends and lose some good ones too while companions Tosin Cole (Ryan) and Bradley Walsh (Graham) withdraw from the Scifi series

During the Daleks’ revolution, the Doctor is locked up in an alien maximum security prison. Alone in isolation, with no hope of escape Far away on Earth, her best friends Yaz, Ryan and Graham have to live without them

But she has a plan to escape, of course, but back on Earth the trio discovers another conspiracy involving a Dalek

Action is ready for New Years Day, but where and when can you see Doctor Who: The Daleks Revolution?

Of course, the 13th Doctor returns for more Tardis-based adventures Jodie has played the Doctor for two series and will take on the role in the thirteenth currently being filmed here in Wales under tight coronavirus security
While Yaz stays in the Doctor Who world after the 2021 New Years Special, Ryan and Graham will depart at the end of this new episode

The trio are back on earth wondering where the doc is when they discover the conspiracy that will bring the Daleks back to the planet

Walsh and Cole made their Doctor Who debut at the start of Whittaker’s first full series when time-traveling Time Lord and Walsh said he “absolutely loved” being on long-running science fiction programs while Cole did the Filming said his final scene had been “emotional”

The Torchwood lead actor and Doctor Who cameo is back after viewers stumble on episode 12, Fugitive of the Judoon, when he made a brief surprise appearance with a strong warning to Yaz, Ryan and Graham, to pass on to the doctor before disappearing

Captain Jack is on hand to fight the Daleks while the Doctor is locked in the space prison

When John Barrowman MBE came back for the special, he said, “Put on Jack’s coat and step foot on the set of Doctor Who again like he’s returning home. It’s always exciting to play Captain Jack, he’s a character who is very dear to my heart and has changed my life Knowing that the fans love him as much as I do makes his return even sweeter I hope everyone enjoys Jack’s heroic adventure at thirteen “

For the first time in the 2018 episode, Arachnids in UK Noth is back as Jack Robertson

We don’t get any clues as to why the business tycoon is back, but he was a bit dodgy in his previous appearance. Has he redeemed himself or is he still planning?

Of course, Noth is a veteran of television as best as Mr Big is known by Mike Logan from Sex and the City and Law & Order

Harriet Walter is a familiar face from British television and feature films, but The Revolution of the Daleks is her Doctor Who debut – we’re in the dark about the nature of her character, Jo

Walter you know from Killing Eve, Succession, The Crown, Downton Abbey, Sense and Sensuality, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Another regular on British television for the past decade has been to Dracula, Utopia, Prey, The Trial of Christine Keeler and of course Misfits

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