Driver’s licenses that are between 1 February and 31st Hundreds of drivers whose license expired in March have to renew their license online in order to continue driving legally on the road

The DVLA put out a social media plea to ensure drivers who requested an extension in March apply quickly before time runs out

The statement reads: “It’s a new year If your driver’s license expired in March 2020, the renewal will end for 11 months from the expiration date”

“You have to renew your driver’s license by February 2021 The quickest way to do this is online ”

The extension was first introduced in March until the end of August, but in September until the end of the year

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DVLA experts say temporary measures have been put in place to ensure drivers don’t have to worry about the administrative burden or the additional costs associated with renewal during the pandemic

At the time, the agency said driving was a “lifeline for millions” during the uncertainty of the pandemic

This temporary extension was provisioned automatically, which means that millions have been affected by the changes without even realizing it

In another online statement, the DVLA warned drivers not to get a new license and drivers would have to apply for an extension as soon as possible

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The statement states: “Your driver’s license or authorization to drive in the UK will be automatically extended for 11 months This is due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

“You will not receive a new license as part of the automatic upgrade You will only receive a new license if you renew it

It is £ 14 to renew a license online, with drivers having to update their card every ten years

To renew a license, drivers must have a valid UK passport and indicate where they have lived for the past three years

Drivers also need a social security number and are not allowed to drive to renew their card

According to Cartwright King, drivers who drive a vehicle without a valid driver’s license could face severe penalties

The offense resulted in between three and six penalty points and a possible fine of up to 1000 GBP imposed

They say the courts have the power to forbid you from obtaining a full license for a period of time if they see fit

Public Health Wales recently reported a coronavirus outbreak at the DVLA Contact Center in Swansea with 352 cases since September

DVLA officials have warned motorists that there may be “significant delays” with some applications due to the reduced number of employees

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World News – UK – Drivers Risk a Fine of 1£ 000 as driver’s license renewal expires in weeks