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Matt Willis, 37, who is married to Emma Willis, the presenter of The Voice UK, signed up to join St John’s Ambulance Team The Busted Star opens his role, hoping to help the nation return to normal amid the coronavirus pandemic

While he’s not self-administering the vaccines, Matt will support those receiving vaccines by helping them with registration

In a new interview, the musician stated: “I’m registering for the St John’s ambulance team

“I’m not allowed to give vaccines because I don’t have dual degrees, but I’ll help people get in and register on the computer”

When discussing his reasons for joining the team, he admitted that it was not a “selfless act” as he wanted his “life back”

He explained to Vicky Pattison on her podcast, The Secret To: “I have everything else to do and sit around I feel pretty inadequate

“You are doing such an amazing thing, I said I do this, I really got carried away into exploring it”

He added, “When you think about how many people in the UK are in need of this vaccine and there aren’t many people on vacation with their thumbs up

“I want my life back, I want to play shows, I want festivals to happen, I want to hug my friends”

During the lockdown, Matt often shared glimpses of his family life on Instagram with wife Emma and their children Ace, nine, Trixie, four, and Isabelle, 11

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beaten up

Last month the father of three talked about it, with his family of 389000 followers love to go mountain biking

“Something so great about all of us in the mud and clenching teeth (there are tears and tantrums on the way), but at some point we make it home and feel incredibly grateful and totally dirty!

Matt has since shared a cheeky photo of Emma after catching her changing clothes in a parking lot after going mountain biking together

At the time he wrote on his Instagram Stories: “Changing clothes in the parking lot after a day of mountain biking in the car park The glamor!” (sic)

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World News – GB – Emma Willis’ husband Matt joins the St John’s ambulance team and says, “I have everything else to do”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1398164/Emma-Willis-husband-Matt-Willis-St-Johns-Ambulance-covid-vaccine-news-latest-update