Live streams of the Europa League are all on BT Sport this season – here you can find out what’s going on and how you can see everything

The television rights are held by BT Sport this season Each game is broadcast live in the UK

Here, FFT explains what the next Europa League games are and how you can watch each game from anywhere in the world

Annoyingly, when you’re out of the country for a round of Europa League matches, your on-demand domestic services won’t work – the broadcaster knows where you are from your IP address (boo!) you can’t watch it This isn’t ideal if you’ve paid for a subscription and still want to watch it without resorting to illegal feeds you found on Reddit

But help is available. To get around this, all you need to do is purchase a Virtual Private Network (VPN), as long as it matches the T&Cs of your transmitter. A VPN creates a private connection between your device and the Internet This means the service won’t work where you are and won’t automatically block the service you paid for. All information in between is fully encrypted – and that’s a result

FourFourTwo’s smart office worker TechRadar loves its super fast connections, trustworthy security, and the fact that it works with Android, Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PS4, and more, plus they come with a money-back guarantee, 24/7 Support and this is currently available at a great price Get it! Show deal

A cheaper option and almost equivalent to ExpressVPN A single subscription has six connections so you can use it on mobile devices, laptops, streaming devices, and more at the same time

It’s clear why Surfshark is at the top of TechRadar’s best cheap VPN table – it combines an excellent product with great prices starting at £ 2 / $ 250 per month!

CBS are the rights owners of the Europa League – subscriptions start at $ 599 a month

Return to our VPN advice so you can take advantage of it outside of the country

DAZN subscribers can watch every single 2020/21 Europa League game – and it gets better.After a one-month free trial, all you have to do is pay a fee of $ 20 per month or take out an annual subscription of $ 150

Do you want to go in while you are out of Canada? Scroll back and check out the VPN deals mentioned above

Optus Sport is offering every game of the Europa League season for just $ 1499 / month for non-subscribers, which you can get through your Fetch TV box and any other easy-to-use streaming device

Follow the VPN advice at the top of this page for benefits when not down under

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