Who is Akshata Murthy? Fortune of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s wife, her job – and how the couple got to know each other

All eyes were on Rishi Sunak when he spoke on Wednesday the 3rd March, presented its annual budget

The Chancellor unveiled the UK Government’s Coronavirus Spending Plan in his statement, setting out key details on the Fourth Self Employment Grant, Vacation Program and Stamp Duty Leave

When Mr Sunak spoke to MPs in the House of Commons, many members of the public wondered about his personal life and his prominent role in Westminster

He is the co-founder of Infosys, an IT company that founded in 1981 was valued at billions of pounds

She attended Stanford University and Tatler once described her as “an artistic and fashion-loving student with a deep passion for India’s traditional craftsmanship”

Murthy’s job is running her own fashion label, Akshata Designs, while she is also the director of a venture capital firm founded by her father in 2010

Murthy shot Vogue magazine in 2011 and spoke about working in fashion design in the accompanying interview

“I’m about the story behind a particular garment, its authenticity, craftsmanship and the protection of a rich heritage,” said Murthy

She added, “I believe we live in a materialistic society, and in the last few decades, with increasing globalization, it has become easier to sell products to a wide audience”

The Times reported in February 2020 that Murthy has a stake in her father’s IT company valued at £ 185 million

But her personal fortune is estimated at around £ 430 million, which makes her richer than the Queen, whose net worth is £ 350 million

Recently, Murthy was publicly examined after it was revealed that she had up to 100Requested £ 000 from the Chancellor’s Job Retention Scheme to pay for staff on leave at her Digme Fitness Limited gym

The published figures showed that in December the company had paid vacation pay of 50000 to 100Had applied for £ 000

Murthy, who is the director of the company, has a 45 percent stake in the company

The couple originally lived in California but moved to the UK with their two daughters Krishna and Anoushka

They now reside in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, but they still own an apartment in Santa Monica, California

Akshata Murthy, wife of Rishi Sunak

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