There was a lot of radio news yesterday (Monday) showing footage of trucks lining up for miles along the M20 in Kent after France closed its border with the United Kingdom

But Boris Johnson gave a briefing on television in which he apparently glossed over the events in a positive light and stressed that the government and local authorities had contingency plans

The Prime Minister said: “We have activated our long-prepared plans so that we have already reduced the number of trucks waiting on the M20 from 500 to 170″”

Mr Johnson spoke just before ten past five on Monday afternoon. He gave no indication that he had an earlier time in mind when talking about the number of trucks falling

Exactly an hour before the briefing, Channel 4 News Global Trade Correspondent Paul McNamara was told by a senior officer in Kent County Council’s Highways Division that Operation Stack – the truck park procedure – “Closer 500” trucks involved were the M20 in times of heavy congestion in Dover

Other reporters, including Joel Hills, business and economics editor for ITV News, tweeted that Kent Highways officials had also given him a number of 500 and that on the much lower number given by the Prime Minister, local sources Be “amazed”

The ITV news reporter added that the estimated number of trucks waiting on the freeway rose sharply on Monday – to more than 900 around 8 p.m.

This coincides with footage shot in Kent by the Channel 4 News team at around the same time Paul McNamara tweeted this video of nose-to-tail queues on the M20 eastbound where trucks had formed two lines and no other traffic flowed

While it was not possible to count every single vehicle from its moving vehicle, the Channel 4 News crew filmed five miles of queues, which, on a conservative estimate, equates to 400 to 800 trucks

Unfortunately bad weather meant there were no news helicopters filming the traffic jam from above on Monday, but helicopters were out on Tuesday morning

Footage from Sky at 9 a.m.Tuesday at 8 p.m., the entire queue of trucks will be captured. FactCheck is unable to post the footage here for copyright reasons, but we managed to count 580 trucks that were still on the M20 on Tuesday morning (Sky News used clippings from the aerial photo in their bulletins today)

All of this makes it difficult to see how exactly the number the nation’s prime minister gave in his press conference could possibly have been accurate

It was immediately denied by local officials, and later footage shows that the number of vehicles on the M20 appeared to have increased by Monday evening

And aerial photography clearly shows that more than 500 trucks were still lining up near Dover on Tuesday morning, despite the prime minister claiming the government’s plans had caused the numbers to decline

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World News – UK – FactCheck: Footage appears to contradict Boris Johnson’s claim of only 170 trucks near Dover