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The Carry On actress was known for her work on television, film, and in the theater

Rosalind was born on 3 Born December 1933, she was an English actress whose career spanned over 70 years

She made a name for herself with Vanessa Redgrave in the 1961 Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of As You Like It

Since 2012, Rosalind has been known for performing as “Horrible Grandma” on Friday nights

She also appeared in Only Fools And Horses in 1989 and starred in Carry On Nurse and Carry On Teacher

The exact cause of death is not yet known, but Rosalind was born on Jan. December 2020 passed away

Her family released a statement stating: “It is with great sadness that the Rosalind Knight family has passed away after a glorious career as popular actresses in theater, television and film

“Known for so many different roles for so many generations, she will be missed as much today by the kids who cry at Horrible Grandma on Friday night as we are by those of us old enough to remember her the very first carry on films “

In addition to the carry-on films, Rosalind appeared in many classic films, including Blue Murder At St Trinian, where she played a school girl in 1957, and decades later, she was a teacher at The Wildcats Of St Trinian in 1980

Other film appearances include Tom Jones, Start The Revolution Without Me (alongside Gene Wilder), The Lady Vanishes, Prick Up Your Ears, About A Boy (with Hugh Grant) and The Lady In The Van

On television, she also starred as a retired prostitute Beryl on the television series Gimme, Gimme, Gimme with Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus

Her daughters, theater director Marianne Elliott and actress Susannah Elliott, said she would be remembered for her “immense spirit and sense of fun and absolute individuality”

They said, “Our mother had the smartest, liveliest personality and made people laugh wherever she went

“She was a great reader, art lover, and writer. She made a voluntary contribution to the theater world by helping build the Royal Exchange Theater with her husband, Michael Elliott, and supporting the Actors Center and the Ladies’ Theatrical Guild

“She was an active member of her local history and opera society and a bitter activist and fundraiser for the Hogarth Trust

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Friday night dinner

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