With snow and sleet forecasts across much of the UK, thousands of households could be reimbursed £ 25 on their energy bills – How to check if you’re eligible

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Storm Darcy has disrupted parts of the UK and yellow snow and ice warnings have been issued in major cities

The police have warned people not to travel, with long delays and road closures in some parts

Up to ten centimeters of snow will fall in London and the south-east of England on Monday

The freezing weather may mean you qualify to pay £ 25 in cold weather to cut your heating bills this month

The system is operated by the & Ministry of Pensions (DWP) and applies every winter

This applies if the temperature in your area drops to 0 ° C or less for seven consecutive days or more

Baroness Stedman-Scott told Mirror Money: “To stay warm all winter, staying healthy is extremely important That is why we pay for the heating of houses when the cold snap continues

“In addition to cold weather payments, we also run the Warm Home Discount Scheme and Winter Fuel Payments so we have a number of programs to support”

The qualifying zip codes for this winter are listed below If you are eligible, the funds will be deposited into the account registered for your benefit payments

Cold weather discounts are given by the government for cold weather – the equivalent of £ 25 per week

The money goes to low-income individuals who are receiving a legitimate benefit, such as: B. a pension loan or certain unemployment benefits

Payments are triggered by data collected by the Met Office from 94 weather stations across the UK

If you qualify for a cold weather payment, you will be paid automatically after every seven-day frost period.This money should be deposited into the bank account you already have registered with DWP – and payments should be made within 14 days

Contact the retirement center or your local Jobcenter Plus office if you think you should have received cold weather payment but you didn’t

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The following is a list of the benefits you must receive in order to receive support (read more about whether you are entitled to benefits here):

These are the areas in which in the past week (from the 8th February) payments have been triggered so far

Cold Weather Payment

World News – UK – Full list of postcodes for cold weather payments this week when Storm Darcy arrives in the UK

Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/full-list-cold-weather-payment-23463798