It may still take a while for demand to be met after another inventory is sold out

But less than two hours later, the game store sold out again after thousands of consoles were quickly cleaned

Stock watchers had been expecting a replenishment on the GAME website for days and when they finally landed they weren’t around for long

The console is still like gold dust, and supplies are flying off the shelves faster than they can be replaced

According to Sony, the shortage is due to issues with manufacturing parts and components, which means the storage problems could last until at least the summer

So the quest for the console continues for thousands of gamers across the country desperately trying to get their hands on the console

Even the supplies that morning were plagued with problems. Many users reported having difficulty checking out in the short window while the console was still in stock

“Nice to see that I queued for 9 o’clock, finally signed up and then received this error message. Now I have to wait 12 minutes,” snorted one

“Your site login seems to be working this morning I go through the secure login queue and then get an error from 500 internal servers,” GAME tweeted for a second

The @GAMEHelps account responded properly to the annoyance, tweeting, “Hello, we apologize for this If this persists, please try another browser or device Deleting cookies / cache can also help “

While the advice is not immediately useful as the console is sold out, keep in mind that it will be back in stock the next time

Many have missed the console with intensified customer tweets: “We waited from the start that it would run out of stock when the queue ended how is that possible?”

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World News – UK – GAME PS5 supplies are sold out and shortages are expected by the summer