Posted: 15:40 GMT, 25 February 2021 | Updated: 18:20 GMT, 25 February 2021

BBC presenter Gary Lineker announced today that he had received his first coronavirus vaccination in yet another example of the UK zip code lottery – Shirley Ballas also received her

The 60-year-old Match of the Day host received his first dose of the Oxford / AstraZeneca rush and tweeted a picture of his confirmation card that read, “Well played, NHS ‘

This means Lineker got a sting early on and the NHS is currently only vaccinating people aged 64 and over the clinically vulnerable; People who live or work in nursing homes; Health and social workers; and people who are entitled to care allowance

60-year-old Shirley Ballas is another person who announced that she received the Covid-19 vaccine early

BBC presenter Gary Lineker announced today that he had received his first coronavirus vaccination in yet another example of the UK zip code lottery Pictured: Lineker at the 2020 Sports Personality in Salford this past December

The Strictly Come Dancing judge was photographed pulling up the sleeve of her red top to reveal her arm in preparation for her kick

The following are fears that the introduction of the vaccine has become a zip code lottery In several regions of England, including London, people in their fifties with no underlying health problems such as diabetes or liver disease are said to have offered shocks

Today Lineker joked, ‘Had the vaccine and @englandcricket lost Root and Stokes while bumped into No one said anything about these side effects’

The former England soccer captain pulled the gag after Ben Stokes and Joe Root fell in consecutive overs when England’s cricketers lost ten wickets in India

And Lineker, who lives in West London, then tweeted a picture of his stitch card with today’s date and said, “Fast, painless, liberating and well organized. Well played ‘

He was asked by a Twitter user if he received the sting because it was vulnerable, but replied, “No, I’m 60 ‘

Strictly Come Dancing’s Shirley Ballas also announced that she received her Covid-19 vaccine when she shared a video of her at her local vaccination center

Lineker, who earns £ 1.35m a year at the BBC, is among the fifth adults under 70 in England to have now received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccines

Shirley Ballas of Strictly Come Dancing took to Instagram and announced that she had received her Covid-19 vaccine when she posted a video of her at her local vaccination center

The caption next to the video read: “It’s finally my turn to get my vaccine I’m totally impressed with my clinic

‘Straightforward, totally organized, helpful in every way. A little quick push didn’t hurt at all. Friendly atmosphere with everyone on the same trip

‘I urge all young and old and everyone in between to take the vaccine. If we all do this together, we can return to some sort of normalcy We’re all in it together ‘

In 2019, Ballas also took to Instagram to reveal that she had her breast implants removed after a cancer scare

The Strictly Come Dancing Judge had to say goodbye to the Pride of Britain Awards so she could go under the knife

NHS chiefs insist that no one under 64 without an underlying medical problem should still be invited to a sting, even if they live in an area where vaccines are on the rise

Lineker joked, ‘Had the vaccine and @englandcricket lost Root and Stokes while I was bumped into. Nobody said anything about these side effects’

Health chiefs say mistakenly made appointments should be canceled and ID checks should be used to ensure that only eligible residents are currently getting their sting

The order in which people are offered the vaccine by the NHS is based on recommendations made by the Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee

The latest figures from NHS England estimate that 203 percent of 16 to 69 year olds had had it on Jan. February received their first sting, the differences between the regions were small

Between the 8th December and yesterday took place in England a total of 16337561 vaccinations took place, including the first and second dose – an increase of 411146 the day before

Of that number were 15794992 the first dose of a vaccine, an increase from 396937 the previous day, while 542569 were a second dose, an increase from 14209

About 94 percent of elderly nursing home residents in England eligible for the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine had received the sting by last Sunday

According to figures, however, around one in seven people aged 70 and over in London had not yet received a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at the beginning of this week

Chief Medical Officers agreed today that the Covid-19 alert level should be lowered from five to four as the risk of the NHS becoming overwhelmed within 21 days has decreased

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