Posted: 19:10 GMT, 20 December 2020 | Updated: 19:10 GMT, Jan. December 2020

Gemma Collins has shown that she felt lonely this year from being forced to spend more time at home and without her usual distractions

The reality star, 39, openly explained how the two national bans made it difficult to run away from yourself and made it even more important to check in with friends

It’s been a tough year for Gemma after breaking up with on-off TOWIE beau James Argent and announcing that she had a third miscarriage in July

Candid: Gemma Collins revealed she felt lonely this year as she was forced to spend more time at home during the lockdown and without her usual distractions

Gemma spoke of loneliness and said to The Sun, “I found the evenings a little lonely, it’s hard, lockdown wasn’t good for my love life ‘

Gemma also said that she is usually very sociable and likes to go out at night to meet up with friends, and said it was “hard” not to be able to

She added, ‘The thing about this year and the bans is that you can’t run away from yourself, you have to get to know each other a little bit more

‘I’ve also checked in to other people more often than normal Only checking that everyone’s sanity is okay helps’

Over: It’s been a difficult year for Gemma after breaking up with on-off TOWIE beau James Argent and announcing that she had a third miscarriage in July (pictured together in 2018)

Although Gemma struggled with loneliness at times, she was busy and even started cycling – a joke about the Tour de France will now happen every day

It comes after Gemma talks about addiction, mental health, and her future dreams in an open new interview

The blonde beauty, whose life was addictive during her relationship with Ex Arg, who later entered rehab for drug and alcohol problems, told Entertainment Daily that when people sought help, they were “petrified, to be judged “

She said, “The problem with addiction is that it comes in all shapes and sizes, and is sometimes difficult to spot

Honestly: Gemma said she found evenings “hard” as she is usually very social, adding that the lockdowns meant you couldn’t run away from yourself

She added that there is still a “stigma” surrounding mental health issues, saying, “When someone has a physical illness they get medical help, and addiction is no different in that sense we live in a world in which people are petrified when judged ‘

Last year, James suffered two near-fatal overdoses at home Friend Gemma called ambulance after his family feared he was dead

The Essex native has since changed his life and is continuing his recovery after flying to Thailand earlier this year to go to rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction

Gemma also recounted how she suffered a third devastating miscarriage in July after becoming pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby

Last month she said to The Sun: I’ve never spoken of it before, but it was my third, each a devastating loss on my longed-for journey into motherhood

‘I’ve been trying to have a baby for nearly a decade, only to keep my hopes shattered by one miscarriage, then another’

Gemma recently released the Christmas single Baby It’s Cold Outside, a cover of the classic ditty starring CBB pal Darren Day All proceeds go to the Rethink Mental Illness charity

The star’s single landed at number seven on the iTunes charts on the day of its release Gemma announced that she would love to work with celebratory legend Mariah Carey on a new Christmas single in 2021

She said, “I’m sure you would have heard by now if the GC had received a call from Mariah. I would love to connect one day, maybe next year we can drop a collaboration – that would be amazing!”

Gemma will be heading in a different direction next year after diva Mailonline recently announced that she has always been hiding behind the GC to deal with it after being called “the Bold “was branded TOWIE

After years in the spotlight, Gemma has decided she’s finally ready to step out from behind the caricature she created of herself and give up the “blinding” of fame

Looks like a hit: The celebratory title shot to seventh on the iTunes chart on the day it was released, and all proceeds go to charity, Rethink Mental Illness

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