Fani Willis, the new District Attorney for Fulton, promised to investigate the President fairly if it came to a case involving his call to Brad Raffensperger referred to her office

“Like many Americans, I found the news of the president’s phone call to the Georgian foreign minister troubling,” Willis, a Democrat, said in a statement to local ABC News subsidiary WSB-TV

Willis noted that a Democratic member of the State Election Board has asked the secretary’s electoral departments to investigate the matter, which could then be referred to her office or the Georgia Attorney General’s office

???? As I promised Fulton County’s voters last year as a district attorney, I will enforce the law without fear or favor. Anyone who violates Georgian law in my jurisdiction will be held accountable Said Willis

â ???? Once the investigation is completed, like all matters, this matter will be handled by our office based on the facts and the lawâ ????

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has reportedly emerged as a top contender to head the Commerce Department after being transferred as Secretary of Health and Human Services

Raimondo, a Rhodes scholar who early on in her career co-founded a venture capital firm in Rhode Island, has prioritized good relationships with business, the target market for retailers

Even so, Raimondo also clashed with unions while working to reform pension plans for public employees in Rhode Island

Biden had thought of a prominent CEO or Republican to head the commercial division

Raimondo, 49, and former chairman of the Association of Democratic Governors, is considered a rising star in her party

Previous reports indicated that Raimondo was a leading candidate for the HHS acquisition, but Biden eventually selected California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for the role

Joe Biden’s inaugural committee announced that the President-elect’s team would be removed as part of events leading up to his inauguration on Jan. January will be attending Martin Luther King Day on National Day of Service

In a new statement, the inaugural committee said its service events would focus on COVID-19 relief and address challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, such as poverty, hunger, racial injustice, homelessness, mental health and educational differencesâ ????

Tony Allen, the committee’s CEO, added, “When Dr King accepted the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, underscoring our collective responsibility to strive for the “should” that confronts us like today

???? President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris are empathic leaders who know the crisis facing millions of American families, and like Dr King, you know we must have a mutual commitment? in word and deed â ???? bringing the nation together to serve othersâ ????

A White House official told the Associated Press that Donald Trump would present the medal to Devin Nunes on Monday

Nunes has been a loyal ally in Special Adviser Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections and Trump-Moscow ties

He rejected findings from the secret services, promoted conspiracy theories and in March 2017 did what his democratic counterpart Adam Schiff described as an “extraordinary and peculiar midnight run” to the White House for specially provided informational materials

The Congressman has also filed a lawsuit over the activity of Twitter accounts entitled “Devin Nunes” Mummy ???? and “Devin Nunes” cowâ ????

Jim Jordan, another of Trump’s closest ally in Congress, is expected to be honored next week

Two members of the Democratic House, Ted Lieu from California and Kathleen Rice from New York, call on the FBI to investigate Donald Trump about his call to the Georgian Foreign Secretary

The president appeared to be calling for election fraud in a phone call with GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger by telling him to780 votes to find one ???? Our letter with @RepKathleenRice, in which a criminal referral was made to @FBI Director Wray to open an investigation: BildTwittercom / 9FZeVKN07Y

“The President of the United States threatened and cursed Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger in a phone call lasting about an hour,” 11780 votes to be found ” to reverse the president’s defeat in the state ???? The Democrats wrote in their letter to the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray

â ???? The evidence of election fraud by Mr. Trump is now in broad daylight? Lieu and Rice added, given the more than sufficient factual predicate, we are referring you to an investigation into Mr. Trumpâ ????

In an interview this morning, Raffensperger said his office would not open an investigation into the matter, but he did admit Trump may face a criminal investigation by the Fulton District Attorney

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy ignored questions from reporters whether he was concerned about Donald Trump’s call to the Georgian Foreign Secretary

The Republican leader would also not say whether he supports the efforts of some of his colleagues to object to the election votes in Congress on Wednesday

Kevin McCarthy paced up and down without answering multiple questions about whether he was okay with Trump’s call to the Georgian Foreign Secretary, nor would he answer if we asked if he supported the Conservative efforts to hold the election on Wednesday to fall

Donald Trump hit Tom Cotton after the Republican Senator said he wouldn’t mind counting the votes that will put an end to Joe Biden’s win in the presidential race for good

“How can you confirm a choice if the numbers to be certified are demonstrably FALSE?” Trump said in a new tweet you will see the real numbers during my speech tonight, but especially on Aug. Jan @ SenTomCotton Republicans have pluses & minuses, but one thing is for sure, YOU WILL NEVER FORGET! Â ????

How can you confirm a choice if the numbers to be certified are demonstrably FALSE? You will see the real numbers during my speech tonight, but especially on March 6th Jan @ SenTomCotton Republicans have pluses & minuses, but one thing is for sure, YOU WILL NEVER FORGET!

Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, broke with colleagues from the President of 2024 yesterday when he announced that he would not join them to object to Congress Votes count on Wednesday

“Under the Constitution and federal law, the power of Congress is limited to the counting of votes cast by the state,” Cotton said in a statement so I will not oppose the counting of certified votes on Jan. Pronounce Januaryâ ????

Trump and his allies have insisted the census is invalid due to their allegations of widespread electoral fraud, but they have failed to provide valid evidence to support these claims

Nancy Pelosi sent a “Dear colleague” Letter reminding Members of the House to respect public health guidelines, the day after several Republicans were seen on the floor without a mask

“???? Follow the instructions of the office of the attending physician and the NCO”The Democratic spokesman wrote in the letter

â ???? If staff are asking you to get off the ground, this is not a suggestion. It is a direction to keep Congress healthy and intact

???? As members of Congress, we are considered essential workers. We must take our responsibilities seriously: Always wear masks Respect social distancing Limit the number of members on the floorâ ????

After several House Republicans, including QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene, failed to wear masks on the floor, a heated debate erupted between Democratic and Republican staff members of the Capitol’s attending physician, Dr Brian Monahan, was eventually included in the discussion

As a reminder, there is significant evidence that wearing masks helps limit the spread of the coronavirus

Brad Raffensperger admitted that Donald Trump could be investigated for his request to find the Georgian foreign minister enough votes to throw the state at him

Speaking to Good Morning America Raffensperger said today that he does not think it appropriate for his office to investigate a possible conflict of interest

Georgia Sec Brad Raffensperger tells @GStephanopoulos that the dates Pres Trump quoted him during an hour-long phone call on Saturday to claim that there was rampant electoral fraud in the state’s presidential election “is just wrong” https: / / tco / rCKKVu2l1N BildTwittercom / elklrk5WET

Raffensperger added, “I understand the Fulton County District Attorney would like to see this. Maybe this is the place to look ????

The Republican official refused to comment on the legitimacy of Trump’s claims, but again defended his office’s electoral process and pushed back against the president’s unfounded allegations of widespread fraud

â ???? I’m not a lawyer, all I know is that we’ll follow the law, follow the process Raffensperger said the truth matters and we have been fighting these rumors for the past two months ????

Here’s what the blog is keeping an eye on today: Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be campaigning in Georgia, the state that hosts two Senate runoff races tomorrow.The results of those elections will determine control of the Senate

The runoff elections come days after the President pressured Georgia’s State Secretary to “find” Enough ballot paper to win the state, which he won by almost 12th November000 votes lost

The blog will have more updates on these two stories So stay tuned

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