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Health and Welfare Secretary Matt Hancock outlines proposals for a Health and Care Bill to Help Recovery from the Pandemic Originally published in The Times

Coronavirus has challenged our health and care system like never before.Our health and care workers have excelled in this time of crisis

As much as we acknowledge their contribution, it is also important that we listen and respond to changes that support our NHS and integrated care and lead to direct benefits for patients

Over the past year, health and social care collaboration has accelerated rapidly From setting up new hospitals in a few days to postponing tens of thousands of appointments online, we’ve seen what we can do when we work together flexibly to Introducing new technologies tailored to the needs of the patient and leaving bureaucratic issues aside for rules

Today, I am presenting our proposals for a Health and Care Bill, building on the ideas of the NHS, so that we can build on these advances and develop a system that can better serve people in a fast-moving environment changing world

First, our plans will remove the barriers that stand in the way of a truly integrated system. Even before COVID, it was necessary as our aging population has more complex needs and this is more important than ever. Our plans are for different parts of the NHS to be more seamless work together and the NHS and local government work side by side to address the long-term challenges and meet our manifest commitments, including 50000 more nurses and 40 new hospitals

Second, we’re going to use laws to destroy the red tape that gets people in the way of their work. For example, the NHS only needs to provide services when it can lead to better outcomes for patients – rather than current ones Requirements that force them to devote time to competitive tenders, even if it has limited added value.We want to give clinicians more time to focus on frontline care and enable business leaders to innovate that we do seen during the pandemic move forward

Finally, our proposals will ensure that NHS England in a new combined form is accountable to taxpayers who use it while maintaining its clinical and day-to-day operational independence

The pandemic has shown the importance of improving the nation’s health and eliminating the inequalities exposed by the coronavirus.We have big plans to advance reforms in social welfare, public health and mental health These suggestions will support this work and help us look to the decades ahead with confidence

The actions in this White Paper will put us all on a firmer footing for the future. We must take this opportunity to better rebuild

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