The season two finale of His Dark Materials will air on Sunday evening, and frankly, we can’t wait to see the next episode of the beautifully realized adaptation from Phillip Pullman’s bestselling novel series – but when can we expect?

While the first and second seasons were filmed simultaneously and released over several years, fans may have to accept that the third season will have to wait longer, which will be an adaptation of The Amber Spyglass

Executive producer Jane Tranter confirmed that they were already in preproduction for season three and was hoping to start filming in the spring of 2021 as we’d be a little surprised if the production was in time for the airing Show would end this year, we’re cautiously optimistic that the show will be out sometime in 2022

Jane announced that the show will be an eight-part series after originally planning to split it into two parts. She told Deadline, “The Amber Spyglass is rightly divided into eight episodes and I’m going to be full and humbly admit that I was completely wrong “

In season three, Lyra is separated from Will after being left with her mother, Mrs. Coulter, was kidnapped She leads Will on a mission to rescue her with the help of some mysterious new characters. The couple also travel to the Land of the Dead

Meanwhile, Many Malone lives with Mulefa, a strange, otherworldly elephant-type production designer Joel Collins told Radio Times about creating their world: “I have an idea of ​​the Mulefa and their world Asriel’s Republic is an amazing place “

He continued, “We’re obviously going to the land of the dead, and what an exciting thing to think about and travel through it is literally one giant, intricate, and brilliantly fun puzzle”

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