There could be a five hour delay for passengers traveling to England under the new hotel quarantine rules that came into effect in the early hours of Monday morning

Concerns that there are inadequate protocols to prevent passengers from 33 Red List countries and lower risk countries from mingling on the plane or at the airport under the new restrictions have raised concerns that travelers who Should be isolated at home, could become infected with the virus in transit

Under the new rules, passengers from 33 countries classified as hotspots with Covid-19 variants in circulation must now be quarantined in hotels for 10 days for stays costing £ 1750 for adult passengers, which covers hotel, transportation and testing costs

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said passengers are kept separated by separate gates on arrival and the system is “running smoothly”

Travelers entering hotel quarantine can travel to a select number of airports including Gatwick Airport, London City Airport, Birmingham Airport, Farnborough Airport, or any military airfield or port on the list, there are no airports out Northern England listed

Anyone from a lower risk country will also be quarantined, but at a permanent address provided to border control, you will be quarantined at home and required to provide evidence that you have tested negative for coronavirus twice

Heathrow, England’s busiest airport, said the lines at the border reached these times before the rules went into effect Additional checks should lengthen waiting times for all travelers

On Saturday, Heathrow said “significant gaps” remained in the hotel’s quarantine plan and a spokeswoman said the government has not yet received “necessary assurances” due to a lack of Border Force staff to control the influx available

An airport spokesman told the Guardian: “We have worked hard with the government to support the successful implementation of the Managed Quarantine Policy as of Monday

“Good progress has been made in resolving a number of issues. The border lines have been nearly five hours in the past few days and this is totally unacceptable”

The Immigration Services Union said officials said the rash plans had put employees out of business, and officials said Friday they would wait for guidance on how the new plans would work, and the GMB union warned that “rushed” government plans are not thorough enough to ensure frontline workers in quarantine hotels are protected, reported BBC News

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government “worked through the issues raised by Heathrow Airport over the weekend and it appears to be going smoothly this morning”

Mr. Hancock told Times Radio, “All of this has been set out clearly and I’m happy to say that from 6.30pm when I got my last update, this is going smoothly”

“We had to get this done quickly – I do not apologize for it – and we have worked with Heathrow and others”

When asked how to keep “red list” passengers away from others, Hancock added that gate controls will separate travelers

“You are walking down a separate canal in front of the gates and once you go through the gates that are manned by the Border Force there is a security operation supported by the police to get people to gather, go and go take your luggage and then go to the hotels ”

Scotland also introduced hotel quarantine restrictions on Monday morning All international arrivals must self-isolate at hotels for 10 days

Red List countries

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